Wednesday, September 17, 2008

While I was out in Rowland Heights for my hair cut at University Beauty Salon, we couldn't decide where to stop for dinner. Suddenly I just chose a place in the plaza and we decided to get Yuan-Yan Hot Pot at Kingswood Restaurant. Apparently they do Teppan as well, which made me a little skeptical about this place. They have two ares of dining at this restaurant. One for the hot pot side and the other all set up for the teppan show.
We were seated immediately, the second group there because it was early. The BofE's next to us were DREADFUL! I really wanted to whack the lady on the head for bringing such annoying BofE's to the restaurant. As more people came, you could see they were staring and glaring as well. See, it's not just me! ^_^ We immediately ordered the dual hot pot. I asked for it to be not too spicy because my Mom can't take too spicy. They were really nice about it and offered to make it really light, then they can add more spices if I need it.
They bring out the condiments used to mix the sauces. I asked for Chopped Garlic and they brought it out immediately. The sauces were good. I just enjoy the simple flavor of Satay with chopped condiments. Yum Yum! ^_^
In Ms. Lin's absence, my Mom ordered the Pig's Blood Cake and ate it all! That's right Ms. Lin! Jealous? lol Don't worry I only ate my Lamb, Beef, and Pig Intestine. Yum Yum. The Ma-La side was not spicy at all so I asked her to add more and more spices until it got really spicy, which was just right for my Aunt. I thought the soup base for the spicy side was a little lacking in thick richness. Of course this could be that she gave it to us really light and watered it down, which affected the spicy richness. The flavor was decent though.
They were actually pretty nice about the service and brought out the extra dishes pretty fast. My water glass never hit empty. We enjoyed the meats and the hotpot. At the end of the meal they brought us Cold Green Bean Soup to cool you off after a hot meal.
All in all the food was decent and the service was good. I liked the hot pot and the flavors were not bad. Definitely just take the spiciness as is because it will probably make the flavor and taste richer. The big thing missing was Ms. Lin there. I did think about her the whole time! ^_- And of course I called to tell her about it... especially to make her jealous! O=9


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