Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Before we all went to Vegas, I did EXTENSIVE research on where to eat and what they offered. One place I came across was Alizé at the top of the Palms hotel & casino. They are said to have the best view of the entire town since it's on the 56th floor. When we arrived we searched for the elevator and you have to check in before you are allowed to board. Of course I made reservations and we were led into the elevator where the hostess pressed the button. That was one fast elevator and I did not feel any gravitational force pushing me down. One thing I know Tofu wants to complain about was that I told him this was a high-end restaurant with a dress code. It's even on their website! We actually saw people in jeans and a t-shirt. He complained how he didn't have to dress up and I agree! If I have to put in effort they should too! lol
There were a bunch of things on the menu that looked delectable that I would like to try but then there was the tasting menu! I was so torn! Eventually I gave up and we ordered the 7-Course tasting menu to get the foie gras! Another thing that upset me was that you get no amuse bouche if you order the expensive tasting menu! What a gip! >=P The first course was Jumbo Lump Crab Stuffed Piquillo Pepper with Avocado and Horseradish Cream. This was a great combination of flavors. It was light and tasty. The presentation was beautiful and clean. I actually really enjoyed this. There were plenty of crab delicately flavored stuffed inside the pepper.
The second course was FABULOUS! I think this is one of the best dishes I have ever had! This alone is worth a visit! Tofu and I completely enjoyed this and often rave about it in our conversations! It's the Black Truffle and Spinach Salad with Warm Duck Confit, Toasted Brioche and Sunnyside Quail Egg. The truffle vinaigrette salad was stupendous! It's a perfect mix of flavors on the palette and has really turned Tofu into a truffle fan! Did I mention he abhors mushrooms, except for truffles now! Notice all the exclamation marks! I can't stop raving about this dish! Normally I have found that I hate duck confit except now! This dish is so great that I had to put TWO photos up! ^_^
The toasted brioche were bites of heaven that really enhanced the texture of the salad. Tofu gave me his egg since he hates eggs too. He's so picky! lol It's like the pot calling the kettle black, but I freely admit I am picky. =9 The eggs were nicely placed atop. Everything looked beautiful and tasted wonderful! I love this dish and I will definitely come back for it! If I was rich, I'd be back often! ^_^
For some odd reason I cannot find the third course photo of the Pan Seared Foie Gras! That upsets me, but you're not missing much. It wasn't that good or memorable. They also made it with cherries but the flavor doesn't really work well. The presentation was inventive but failed in execution. For the fourth course it got worse. It's their signature dish, but blech! The dish is Imported Dover Sole done Veronique with Winter Vegetables and Truffle Potato Purée. This lacked any flavor what-so-ever! In one word, BLAND! I really wished there was salt and pepper by the table so I could season it. The truffled potato was delicious. How can you go wrong with truffles! The fish was a tiny sliver and not worth mentioning. It definitely was the most failed course of the night, although the cheese is close in comparison!
In between they actually gave us a palette cleanser of Passion Fruit Sorbet. The presentation was impeccable, but the sorbet was way too frozen. The fifth course was sautéed Veal Loin Medallion, Crispy Sweetbread and Green Onion Fondue, Country Ham, Ruby Grapefruit, Whole Grain Mustard & a Pinot Noir Reduction. I have had veal medallions in a lot of restaurants and a lot of them have failed in execution. This dish was actually not too bad. The meat was tender and the sweetbread was good. I really enjoyed the whole grain mustard. It added a great texture to the meal. The green onion fondue was very tasty and cheesy, which was my favorite part of this dish.
A Selection of Three Internation Cheeses with Confitures and Accompaniments was the sixth course. Okay when I saw this I was really excited because I wanted to see a gorgeous cheese cart. Alas FAILURE! It's 3 cheeses that they select for you, which wouldn't be too bad if it were better cheeses! I am a cheese connoisseur and devoted cheese lover, how dare anyone claim this to be a cheese course! What they gave was really for novices. I can't even recall what they were, it's not memorable at all. It was Gouda, Manchego, and Roquefort I believe. The combination of fruits was nice, but they didn't have honeycombs. That made me sad too, but I am not surprised since they don't really have a cheese cart. I was extremely disappointed because I was so looking forward to a wonderful cheese course! Tofu enjoyed the Manchego, but he couldn't take the Roquefort. Weak sauce!
Dessert was the seventh course. It was a trio of Black Cherry Cheesecake with Sour Cherry Compote, Chocolate Candy Bar with Creme Anglais & Chocolate Sauce, and Banana Bavarian Cream with Coconut Rum Sauce. To be honest, the dessert was failed as well. The only thing I liked was the chocolate candy bar but it was very sweet. They definitely need a new pastry chef! One thing that upset me was that I wanted a Cafe au Lait and in the confusion I got a Latte. She said it was like $5 for the latte and asked what flavor. I chose the Bailey's Creme... then the bill came. The latte was $5 but you are charged TEN FREAKING DOLLARS for the small shot of Bailey's inside. I was like OMG! She didn't say anything. I was so tricked! Okay the worst part is I don't even like alcohol! So I paid a bundle for something I don't even want! A cup of coffee with milk and some alcohol was $15. Are you kidding me?
All in all there were glorious moments and there were very low moments. As you have seen I rated each dish separately and it keep going up and down. If I come back, which I probably will for the awesome truffle salad, I would order individually. I really want to try the cheese crusted chicken and some other dishes. Be sure not to miss the salad! I give it my special stamp of approval! The view is very nice and the lady who brought out the food was very kind, friendly, & sweet. The first two dishes were great and then it just went downhill. If you do come here be sure to make reservations and order from the menu!


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Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 951-7000
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