Friday, August 1, 2008

So full from lunch but I had to persist and keep on eating! I am blogging out of order right now. After a nice power lunch at Fleur de Sel, I decided to go to Hamachi Japanese Restaurant for SECOND lunch. Yes, I am that crazy to try and fit in many meals a day. Who do you think I learned it from! **cough cough Ms. Lin!** lol O=9 This place is diagonal from Fleur de Sel so I just strolled there and ordered a small second lunch. The place is small and dimly lit, with a rustic wood touch typical to Japanese restaurants.
It wasn't very busy for lunch. I got a Sashimi Regular Lunch, which includes 12 pieces of raw fish chosen by the chef. This of course comes with your Miso Soup, but you can tell this place does not cater to Japanese people or Japanese connoisseurs because they served the soup with a spoon. Tsk Tsk Tsk! lol To be fair... I was probably WAY too full to enjoy anything! The food was decent as were the prices. Be sure to go there for lunch because it's cheaper for the meals for the same amount of food! The sashimi was decent, but I was not wowed by it. I also decided to get the Toro sashimi that was not bad, but of course it's at market price.
All in all the place was decent and priced fairly. I was nice enough to bring Ms. Lin an order of Spicy Tuna Cut Roll because she's greedy too and wanted to try every place that I went to too! lol My tummy was seriously about to burst after so many meals. There are more tales to tell about my foodie adventures that almost made me cry from fullness! Lol Don't worry they all tasted good too! This restaurant would be the place for you if you're looking for decent priced sushi in Manhattan, which is definitely HARD!


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