Friday, August 15, 2008

A Staple For Me

As you have seen many times that I love going to Tea Station. Whether it be in Rowland Heights, Irvine, Monterey Park, or Newark. Soon I will have been to all the locations! Yes, I have been to BOTH in Irvine. lol O=P The one in Newark always has a good amount of people and a lot of workers there. They usually are pretty friendly. The interior is similar to the other ones, but this place is a little smaller. Their Ice Fruit Tea is good and goes great with my Hot Pot at Ninji.
The drink looks so refreshing and tasty that the lady who works at Ninji asked me where I got it. Mind you that they serve some drinks there. The Plum Tea is Buy One Get One Free, which Ms. Lin loves. I prefer my delicious fruit tea next door! ^_- I know where all my Tea Stations are! O=P


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