Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Rare Event

I am not a big fan of Vietnamese food and I usually refuse to go. Since we always eat in Irvine, I decided that today I wanted something different. I have been to Phở 99 before and I remember it to be pretty good so I offered this rare chance to my Mom to go to Vietnamese food. She was ecstatic. It was early so it wasn't packed, which was kind of bad because then you can hear CLEARLY what the servers are saying. Let's just say they were a bit loud for my taste.
Instead of a regular entrée I decided to get some appetizers. Since I hadn't had Spring Rolls in a while, I decided to get an order here. It's filled with Shrimp, Shredded Pork, and Vegetables all wrapped up in Rice Paper. There was barely any shrimp or meat inside, which upset me a little. Still it was good with the sauce. It makes me nostalgic for the place I love in Garden Grove.
The best appetizer for is always the Egg Rolls, which are fried. YUM! You know everything tastes better fried. Inside is Minced Meat and diced Vegetables all wrapped in a skin then deep fried. This is how much I love egg rolls because I eat the pickled vegetables and slices of lettuce. You know why I eat vegetables, it has to be good! ^_- The best part is placing the pickled vegetables onto the lettuce, then add the egg roll, and dip it all in the great fish sauce! Yum Yum! If it was only not so expensive.
My Mom's favorite dish is the traditional Phở. She ordered their Traditional Northern Beef Noodle Soup. It's not as big as the serving we get in Lake Forest, but I think the flavors here are better. The meat was tender and I really enjoyed their noodles. Overall I really like the flavor and texture that their noodle soup has. I'd be inclined to come back in the future. I love my soup!

All in all the food was good. The service was your typical Vietnamese service. At least the place is very nice and clean! That is always a plus. It's a good place to go if you want some simple Vietnamese food to eat in or take out.


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