Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have been putting off this post because I don't really like this place. Around X-mas Ms. Lin was down in OC and she said that her friend recommended Shik Do Rak in Garden Grove. So we ended up going there X-mas Eve I believe and it was pretty packed. We eventually sat down and I opened the menu. It's a place where you order from the meats you want or certain meals and grill it. Okay, I have to say this... I am NOT willing to pay a lot of money for meat that's barely any better than the all you can eat places right next door. I have to say the quality is minuscule and I'd rather have more!
They brought out the traditional side dishes to accompany the meal. It's not anything out of the ordinary or memorable. Their grill is this circular steel grill. I feel this kind of grill makes it more watery versus letting the flame hit the meat. As you can see I was already NOT impressed by this place. The servers were a little negligent and barely spoke English. This definitely is not uncommon in Garden Grove. I don't take that into account when I eat Korean BBQ. To Ms. Lin this place was something new because this was the first time she saw the Rice Paper. She was so behind in the times. Almost all Korean BBQ's use the rice paper instead of lettuce to wrap the meat.
All in all I will NOT be back. The food was only so-so and twice the price for EACH person compared to the all you can eat places nearby. I scoff at the place every time I drive by to go to my delicious all you can eat places. The meats are just as good there and the prices are much more reasonable. I do NOT recommend this place. If it were like Brothers in SF with a charcoal BBQ then maybe I'd pay the price difference, but they just aren't that good here! >_<#


Anonymous said...

Sad you don't like this Korean restaurant because I LOVE the Shik Do Rak in IRVINE.

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