Thursday, August 14, 2008

I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!

OH WHERE OH WHERE IS MY EGG CAKE! I NEED IT NOW! I am having WITHDRAWAL symptoms. I NEED IT! If anyone knows of any place nearby in SoCal... I AM THERE! I will even drive to LA or Monterey Park! That's how much I want it! O=9
There was a place next to Ninji that was great, but then it closed. Now it seems they have re-opened or another Restaurant has taken its spot and they serve the Egg Cake. YAY! It's actually pretty good! The place is called Cool Noodle. Come fast! Who knows how long this place will be open. I need to make a return trip so I can get a bunch and OD on the delicious goodness! ^_-
They actually come in the shape of plump eggs and maintains it's shape. Cool Noodle maintains a great consistency/texture and is flavored nicely. They are not too sweet and still tasty. I think I might be able to attempt these, but I need the special mini-egg pan. Anybody want to take a road trip up North together for some yummy hot pot and great egg cake??? ^_~


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