Monday, August 11, 2008

As most of you know, getting sushi delivered must be pretty difficult. Now add that you are in SF stuck in the SOMA district and trying get delivery during rush hour... you do the math. @_@ Ms. Lin had went out that night and I was stuck home alone to fend for myself. I spent many hours researching on what places delivered and which ones would actually be decent tasting. Eventually I came across Mikado Sushi in SF. It was close by and offered free delivery, so I decided to call them and check. The person who takes the order had broken English and was very busy. It took some time, but I eventually placed my order. Although I think some stuff was lost in translation. O=9 I think they told me the wrong price or got my order wrong so we had to work hard and sort it all out.
They gave me free Edamame, which I thought was really nice. If you spend over $25 you get free edamame and if you spend over $30 you get a free California Roll. Apparently she gave me a choice of California Roll OR the Edamame, but their English was so bad I totally didn't understand. Ms. Lin pointed it out on the menu later that night to me and I explained how I came to get the edamame. They tasted fine, I didn't regret it too much. I ordered Yellowtail (Hamachi) Sashimi. It tasted fine and they gave 7 pieces for $10.
I ordered two rolls, maki. They were the Philadelphia Roll and Dynamite Roll. It's your typical Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll and a Deep Fried Spicy Yellowtail. The rolls were normal to small size. I enjoyed the Dynamite Roll and the prices were reasonable, $4.95. These were probably the way to go rather than the combo dinner I ordered. If I am up in SF again and stuck, then I would definitely give them a call for more sushi and sashimi.
Being greedy, I decided to get a Bento Dinner Combo to fill me up. Since you can choose 2 or 3 items, of course I ended up getting 3 items. They had a buch of choices to choose from. Based on some reviews, I decided to get Salmon Shioyaki, Spicy Garlic Chicken, and Tonkatsu. The salmon was a huge disappointment. It was nothing special and had no flavor. I think I would have been better off with the Teriyaki flavor. The fried chicken was already soggy and cold by the time I got the order, but the sauce was good. Ms. Lin really enjoyed it. You might ask why she had any since she was not home... well I saved some for her since she was coming home soon. She can never say no to food especially sushi and when it's free. The Tonkatsu was normal, but I think next time I will stick with the sushi & sashimi.
All in all the food was decent and at a good price. They DID take FOREVER to deliver the food, but like I said... I am sure there was a lot of traffic in SF, although I am not that far away. I still gave a nice tip because the guy was nice and it was WINDY outside... well it is SF... ^_^ Next time I order delivery from them, I will be sure to order earlier or a more opportune time. If I lived up in SF, their menu would be stuck on my fridge for the future. It's not the best Japanese food out there, but for the price it's tolerable. They will be what I use to subdue my sushi/sashimi cravings. O=P


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