Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Honeybee has now been recruited on foodie adventures! ^_- My day in Monterey Park was filled with many new places and I am still catching up on writing about them. Since Tofu wanted to try Hot Pot, we decided to go to Little Fat Sheep in Monterey Park. First of all, it's not that easy to find so I will put out a small note for people who want to go there and try their hot pot. They are on the corner of Garvey and Atlantic. If you are coming from the 10 freeway, just head pass Garvey and turn immediately left into the next shopping center. It's right there in the corner. Tofu and I circled around many many times trying to find it because the store front does not face the direction we were coming from.
We were a little late in our arrival since we could not find the place. There wasn't that many people there that early. They are open 'til 1 AM so maybe they get really busy towards the end of the night. It would be nice that somewhere in OC opened that late! lol They bring out side dishes for the table before you order. There were Mixed Peanuts, Pickled Daikon, and Bread that reminded me a mix of "Mantou" & the Sesame Onion Bread served in Islamic Chinese cuisine.
For the table we decided to get the "Yuan Yan" Hot Pot, which has the normal Mongolian hot pot split with the spicy side. Since I don't like things too spicy, I got the mild to start. The Mongolian hot pot is a broth made up of Chinese Herbs and Bark. It definitely is not the hot pot I am used to having at home or my favorite one in Fremont. **which I still need to blog about** The presentation of the spicy side was very eye catching, but it was just filled with tons of herbs. I felt it was a little cluttered. There wasn't any content in the soup except the herbs. The one at Ninji was always filled with tofu and more. Not that I eat tofu, but I was a little disappointed.
To start off the night we ordered Beef, Lamb, Sliced Pumpkin, Lamb Meatball, Intestines, and Spicy Pork Stomach. Unfortunately they came back to tell us that they don't have the pork stomach. Poor Honeybee, she really wanted some but they were unable to fulfill her wishes! Boo! I will give them credit that the Lamb Meatballs were great and flavorful. The lamb flavor was very strong and worked well with the soup. They brought out the hot pot immediately to start and soon followed with the dishes we ordered.
Apparently there are special sauces they use to dip the cooked dishes. This was also not what I am normally use to. There were four sauces given. They had their own version of Satay, Sesame Paste, Chili, and Fermented Tofu? I have never heard of adding tofu to my sauce, but they actually all worked well together. For me, I had to ask for chopped garlic. The sauces were good, but I still like my traditional sauces.
I wanted to get something cooked there because I read some good reviews of the food they served. The server said that the Scallion Crispy Pancake is ordered the most. This is your typical Chinese pancake that you can even buy in stores. I will give them credit that the one they served here is pretty good. It had the right crispy outer texture with a delightful chewy center. This is my personal recommendation, but you should order these when you have hot pot because they are great to dip into the soup. The flavors of all the food you cooked in the soup and the soups own natural flavor will soak into every crevice, which makes it that much better! Of course eating the pancake by itself makes it YUMMY too! ^_^
All in all the food was decent and service was nice. The best part, of course, is spending time with friends! ^_- We had a nice long chat with good food! The ambiance makes up for everything. I probably won't be back in the future because it really wasn't the way I like my hot pot. Mind you that I don't like hot pot, except at Ninji! YUM YUM! That place does it right! I am trying to find somewhere like that in MP so that Ms. Lin and I can go when she visits. Still the experience was nice and enjoyable. They also handed us a box of mints at the end with their logo. It's very cute. Hey! Are they saying we have bad breath? lol =-X

Little Fat Sheep

120 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-1089
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Anonymous said...

OMG! You have such a great memory!! I was there and I couldn't have written such detailed descriptions! Applause! So great to meet up and make Tofu experience something new before he moves to Pennsylvania. I don't usually like hot pot either but I like this place and maybe I'll try Ninji after you blog about it. The Onion pancakes were good, yum yum!

Kat said...

I think I will need some Gingko Biloba like Ms. Lin soon! lol It's been a while since I have been Ninji and more so I will have to take time and remember the yummy food. Ooooh just thinking about it triggers my senses! I really want the yummy egg cake next door to Ninji too! ^_^ You should come down here to the OC and we will take you to some delicious places here too! ^_^

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