Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's always better to have a coupon when you try out a new place. If say it tastes bad then at least you didn't have to pay the full price. =P Tofu and I went to Orchid in Costa Mesa a while back because I had my Buy One Get One Free coupon. The entrance was decorative. Their interior is simple and they have a buffet set up in the back. Apparently at night they also have an all you can eat, but we had a coupon so we just ordered what we wanted.
While we waited for our food to be cooked they brought out the typical Lavash bread to fill in the time. It usually comes with Butter and White Onions to add flavor.
We decided to share both dishes. That way you get the best of both worlds. ^_- We ordered the Soltani, which is usually Barg and Koobideh. Barg is marinated fillet of Beef Tenderloin. Koobideh is seasoned Ground Beef. They were both tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary for me. It was solid.
For our other dish we decided to get the Lamb Barg. I normally order beef and lamb to have the best of both worlds. The lamb was good, but I would have liked a bigger portion. It's only 5 pieces of meat stuffed with onions and bell peppers intermittently on the skewer. I love eating the rice after I slice the roasted tomato and raw white onion. This really adds tons of flavor into the rice.
All in all the food was good and the service was fine. There wasn't a lot of people because we went early. They were just bringing out the buffet when we got our meal. The food was fine for the price since it was buy one get one free. At the end they gave me my coupon back so that I could use it again. Even though I didn't ask for it, I thought that was nice... a little desperate? After reading some reviews online, maybe they are super busy at lunch with their buffet. I think I will come back one day for their lunch buffet. It will be a rare event for me to drive up there for lunch, but it could happen. =P

3033 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-8070
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