Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still Going Strong!

Wow has it really been 200 posts! Time goes by fast! I guess I must be glued to my computer. ^_^ Since I promised Tofu that I would start my New York reviews, why not do it on the 200th post. I will be posting about any and every thing possible. Watch out for my curve balls!
Last time I went to Manhattan NY, Ms. Lin and I started our own explorations. Of course while she was at work, I went out to play by myself. I normally don't like ramen, but Momofuku's Noodle Bar really change my mind. Any place that can make something I don't really care for into something delectable, I say kudos! We had to get a bowl noodles since it was a noodle bar. They were packed even for a late lunch. It's your typical Japanese noodle bar dining style where you will be sitting next to strangers and both enjoying your meal with the chance of making a new friend. We ordered the Momofuku Ramen with Pork Combo, Poached Egg, Seaweed, and Pickled Vegetables. I really enjoyed the soup and all the flavors working wonderfully together. Ms. Lin was surprised that I ended up liking the ramen. The different types of meat all had their own earthy flavor that mixed well with the delectable broth and the pickled vegetables only enhanced the flavor. I will definitely be back for some more!
Everyone there had the Steamed Buns and the people next to us raved about it. Remember when I said you will make new friends... or be bombarded by your neighbor... the guy was so excited that he kept raving about the steamed buns and certain dishes. No, he was not hitting on us. He had a female companion, but it was really funny how passionate he was. It was nice. We decided to get the Pork Steamed Buns. They are basically "Gua Pao" with a healthy twist. The meat was leaner and they layered it with fresh Cucumbers & Green Onions. It was good, but definitely not as flavorful as normal gua paos. You can judge me, but I think it's because they made it "healthier" and that's why it didn't taste as good. The fattier and unhealthier the dish is, then the better it tastes!! ^_-
We also decided to try a seasonal dish. It was the Hamachi Sashimi with Radish and Green Apples. The concept sounded interesting but it fell extremely short of hitting the mark. I like the fish, but the flavors were weird. In the end I just ate the sashimi separately. Being greedy, as we always are O=), we decided to also get Spicy Cold Noodles with Pickled Cucumbers and shredded Seaweed. I liked the texture of the noodles but the spicy flavor was only okay to me. Back then, I think I was less open-minded to spicy foods. Ms. Lin enjoyed it and she ate them while I scarfed down the ramen. It all worked out in the end!
All in all the service was friendly but they are super busy so expect some delays. Be prepared to sit very close to your neighbors and if you are not there early or late enough then expect a wait. I really liked the place overall because of the ramen. Next time we are in NY together we will have to check out the Ssam Bar. If I were living in NY I would definitely frequent them because the prices are reasonable for NY and the portions are filling. **Drool Drool** Since I have had their ramen, I have been trying different ramens to find one that I really liked... but to no avail. I guess I must come back here again! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Stinky Tofu: It's official - I looked up a place to eat in SF on your blog. What's up? Vegas and you didn't invite me? I might be going soon, I'll ask you where we should go for food.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I love Momofuku! I think we may have even gone to the restaurant on the same day (you and Ms. Lin, me with NY friends). So glad to see this post since it brings back fond memories of the trip. I'm not a huge fan of ramen either, but I think their ramen is perfect. *Drool*

Kat said...

Stinky Tofu is still ALIVE??? OMG! O=) You should use my blog to look up good places to eat in SF. I am STILL catching up. lol You should also tell your pals about it! Spread the word! ^_-

Give me a break. Even if I invited you, like you'd really come! Mister I'm going down for a reunion in LA while you are up in SF! >_<# How should I know that you wanted to go to Vegas?!?! You should have told me so too! I went twice this month already. I am soooo Vegas'd out! Or I would offer to come, but I need to recover the immense deficit! =**( I will also try to catch up on those posts... so many things but so little time!

Oooh... also... I already had a Tofu there... who needs Stinky Tofu =P tee hee Let me know when you go, I may just join... Yes I am THAT crazy! lol @_@

Kat said...

Hi BumbleBee! **Bzz Bzz**

I remember that too! You were leaving earlier that day and went there for lunch. Ms. Lin packed in MANY meals that day. I arrived at JFK and took the subway to Times Square around 7AM and met up with Ms. Lin. Then we had our 1st meal of McD's... then I think we went to get a shwarma... and then FINALLY we were able to check into the hotel. I went to take a nap since I didn't sleep on the red-eye. Ms. Lin actually went out to brunch with friends. When I woke up around 1-2PM she was back and we went out for lunch. **She never stopped eating lol** Then we met up with a friend for dessert **next post to come** and THEN we went to dinner right after.

Blech... I am getting full and nauseous just talking about it... so much in one day! Ms. Lin ate more than me too! lol So I feel less guilty. O=9

P.S. I don't know if Ms. Lin ever passed along the message, but... Thanks so much for the subway pass! I got a TON of use out of it... **cough cough** being Ms. Lin's slave! =*( SOB SOB lol

Kat said...

Oh I also forgot, but I agree! YUM YUM! They actually did a pretty good job on the ramen. I can't wait to go back and try the Ssam one. ^_^

gourmetpigs said...

Hey does momofuku need reservation? I need Lunchie recommendations for NEw York :D

Kat said...

Yah, I heard from Kai you are going to NY. How come you didn't tell me?! >_<#

I don't think they take reservations, so expect a wait. You can always call to ask if they do. When I went, they were super busy even for a late lunch. That's NY for you! ^_-

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