Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know there might be some protests when I say this but... LA has MUCH better Chinese food than anywhere else in the US! Normally I don't like spicy foods, until I went to YunChuan Garden in Monterey Park. It's a always a great measure for a good restaurant when they turn something you don't like into a new fave! I really need to go back again soon to clear the bad taste that the Vegas branch left! We told them about the one in LA, they said that they are the sister restaurant. EWWW! Boy did Yun Nan Garden miss the mark! First off, they are tucked away in this back alley strip that's hard to spot. I wonder how many people know about this place, hence, is the food fresh?
We started off by getting a Cold Platter where you choose your own dishes. My favorite dish is always the Fu Chi Fei Pian. The one here is decent, but it can't hold a candle to the one in Monterey Park! I felt the one here was more sour, either because it was not fresh or it's made slightly different. What's worse is that the prices in Vegas are much higher AND NOT worth it! =*( I know some of you want to argue that the rent is probably higher and costs, but if you saw where it's located you would think twice. It's off the strip so rent shouldn't be that bad and it's completely hidden!
Ms. Lin opted not to get her favorite noodle soup since it was a lot more expensive. She decided to get the Dan Dan Mien. They thought it was better and more flavorful than the one in LA, but I don't remember nor care for the noodle. It's a spicy peanut sauce with noodles. The flavor wasn't too bad, but I was overall disappointed. My favorite dish is the Wontons in Hot Chili Oil. Here they were completely SOAKED in chili oil and nothing else. It was bland and flavorless. The wontons were gross and they used a horribly thick skin. Overall it was bad and I really need to go to Monterey Park to get one that's FANTASTIC!
All in all the place was not that good. I don't know what the people online were thinking! Do they not know what great Chinese food tastes like? I guess they need to take a trip to LA to know! =P Believe me, I will review this place and set them straight! I say stick with the more well-known places in Vegas! Hopefully the way I mapped out our meals will turn out well. I will be DEATHLY POOR! But.. Happy I hope! ^_^

Yun Nan Garden

3934 Schiff Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 869-8885
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