Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alright, I met up with my ACA Mommy that I hadn't seen in years after Ms. Lin and I went to Momofuku that day. It had been a really long time since I last saw her and I was very happy that we got to reconnect! She is so sweet, kind, and smart! ^_^ The 3 of us went for a quick snack/dessert because Ms. Lin and I had dinner plans as did she. We probably got there around 3:30PM give and take to ChikaLicious Dessert Bar. The dessert bar opens at 3PM and there was a few people there already. Ms. Lin has been here before and there usually is a line waiting outside to get a seat. Luckily we didn't have to wait that long to get seated. The interior decor is white and simple.
We all decided to get the Pre-Fixe. This includes Amuse Bouche, Choice of Dessert, and Petits Fours. A Fruity Pear Sorbet was the Amuse Bouche and it was very light on the palette. My ACA Mom and I decided to get their signature dish of Fromage Blanc Island "Cheese Cake" for their dessert. Of course Ms. Lin and I ordered different desserts to share and try more. I must say this was really disappointing. It definitely was not your typical cheese cake. There was a lot of foam and the flavors were a little off for me. The dish was not bad, it just didn't wow me. It does have a stronger cheese flavor than cheese cakes but I felt it was still a bit bland. Then again, this is a Japanese dessert bar... which means lighter flavor.
Ms. Lin decided to get the White Chocolate Mousse Éclair served with Concord Grape Sorbet and Frosted Pistachio. The presentation and concept was nice. I did like the texture and flavor of the mousse. This was better than the fromage blanc in my opinion, but nothing really wowed me. The best part of the meal was sitting and chatting. I also added a wine pairing, but I changed the wine to Moscato d'Asti Saracco 2006. The wine was nice and refreshing. They served a cute small platter of Petits Fours at the end. I am just a sucker for them. They too were light and no wow factor.
All in all I thought this place was only okay, but they had some interesting dishes that keep changing. I would probably come back here again one day, but it would not be on top of my list. The service was friendly and enjoyable. I think if you sit at the dessert bar you would get a better interaction with Chef and that would be an enjoyable experience. Of course this time I was more into chatting with an old friend. One thing that agitated me was that when we were done they had already closed for the day! The sun was still out and the place had probably only been open for 2 hours. I only now found out that they open at 3PM from their site, so I find it utterly ridiculous for them to be out of desserts around 5-6PM!!! When we were walking out we saw the sign blocking the front interest. Can't they just make more? Shouldn't they have more prepared for the day??? It just boggles my mind! Only in New York! Lol ^_^


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