Wednesday, July 9, 2008

After much laboring and photo-editing, I have finished the full set for Nanay Gloria's Filipino Fast Food. Fair warning, I tried to make sure that all the photos look appealing and delicious. Remember that my pictures are very deceiving, the review below would be the truth. I am posting everything in chronological order. So on Saturday afternoon we got up to go to the lunch buffet at Nanay Gloria's. It's $6.99 for lunch, but it does not include certain side dishes or desserts like the turrón.The place was tucked away in a strip mall and as soon as you walk in you will see how packed it is. Keep in mind that Vegas is about 110 degrees in the day time! It's sweltering heat and this place has NO AIR-CONDITIONING! I am not surprised that they didn't because it's a very small local spot that people frequent. They did have a fan in the back rotating. Imagine a ton of people there on a hot day filling the room with more heat and a fan in the back blowing away to keep people from melting. Luckily we sat in the very far back near the fan, but our Dad was sweating up a storm! Everything is self-serve and they just believe you will be honest to tell them any supplemental products you pick up.The first thing I picked up was the turrón and they are 50 cents more for each one. I decided to try one first to make sure it tasted good before getting more. Any time I go to a buffet, I have learned not to be too greedy. I only grabbed a little of each dish so that I can try them all out and decide which dish I liked best. They ran out of a lot of dishes when I went up to grab the food. It's a good and a bad thing because you don't get to try what was there previously, but then again you get to try new dishes as they come out.
One new dish they brought out that my Dad saw was the Roast Pork that's very similar to the one you get at Sam Woo BBQ. I decided to dip the new roast pork in their all purpose sauce that's probably used to cook and flavor everything. The meat was a little too fatty, but I can't complain for the price you pay. There were a few dishes that tasted pretty good. I do have to make the comment that many of the dishes tasted like one another. There wasn't a huge variety in preparation even though there were a lot of dishes to choose from.
They had Squid, Bitter Intestine & Stomach Stew, etc... the list can go on and on. The Filipino food generally consisted of roast pork cooked in similar sauces with different vegetables. I really like fatty meat, but towards the end I couldn't take it anymore. My arteries were starting to close! O=) Here comes the MOST important part! I... LIKED... the turrón. ^_^ Not many places make it right, but they did a decent job here. I liked the crispy texture of the turrón and the generous yet not too overpowering filling. They put a generous amount of jackfruit layered with plantain. Of course I love the ones that Lil Bel & Rich bring me from SD! ^_- Those ones are filled with love!
We chose this place because it had a lot of great reviews online and it's something different & new for our parents to experience. Let's just say we planned everything out to satisfy their tastebuds and criteria. All in all I thought it was decent. The people working there were friendly. Ms. Lin commented that she would rather eat at Pinoy Express. It's arguable which place is better because I think they each have their own pros and cons. I think it's a good deal for lunch. If you can live through the heat, then come here to give it a try. Say that it doesn't suit your taste, look at it this way... it didn't cost too much and there are tons of Asian restaurants a hop-skip and a jump away. ^_^

Nanay Gloria's Filipino Fast Food

5980 W Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 252-3255
Nanay Gloria Phillipino Fast on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

The turron looks sooooooooooooooo mouth was watering just looking at it.

Kat said...

I am glad you like the photo! I am always searching for the best turron in town! One day I will have to learn how to make it. Let me know if you find any great turrons anywhere! ^_^

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