Monday, July 28, 2008

Lets just say that as a family, we never really dine together and it's even more rare for us to all be up for breakfast! Since this was a family vacation, we ended up having many meals together which was rare in itself. Ms. Lin did some quick research on where to get breakfast because we had to set out early that day back for California to avoid some traffic. We went on Sunday and it was totally packed. It's definitely a local favorite. The decor was very cute and well themed. I love the egg designs and phrases decked out everywhere. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long to get seated and the server was super friendly & cute!
To start off the morning Ms. Lin ordered a cup of Coffee and I decided to get a glass of Orange Juice. They bring a fresh pot of coffee to the table for you to refill your own cup at your own pace. We all decided to try something different for breakfast. Ms. Lin, my Dad, and I all decided to get the Banana Nut Muffin as our bread. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO good if you love banana nut! I just love that it's not your normal muffin. The top is very flat, which increases the surface area. This also means more firmer texture that everyone loves to eat! We loved it so much that we changed our Mom's toast to the muffin as well. YUM YUM! This alone was worth it!
Ms. Lin read online that people raved about the Chicken Enchilada Omelette so she decided to give that a try. It's sliced Seasoned Chicken, Green Chiles, homemade Tortilla Chips, Cheddar, & Jack Cheese folded inside and then topped with Enchilada Sauce. More Cheddar and Jack Cheese are put on top with a scoop of Sour Cream. The flavors worked well together and it was definitely something different to try. There was a lot of cheese so that's always a plus! This was probably my 3rd favorite because the muffin is #1!
#2 was what I ordered! I decided to try the Piggy Skillet. Normally I'm not a big breakfast fan, so for me to like breakfast... it's definitely a rarity. My dish contained Crisp Bacon, Diced Ham, Pork Sausage, Potatoes, Cheese, and Eggs. You can never go wrong with delicious meats, cheese, and potatoes! I hate eggs, except maybe in Omelette form, so Ms. Lin and my Mom ate them. They love the eggs Over-Easy. The potatoes are wonderfully seasoned, if I had to count them as a separate entity then they would be #2!!! ^_^ They are crispy, flavorful, and a delight to eat. Definitely one of the best potatoes I have ever had! This dish is a bit saltier than most, but good and solid. Ms. Lin and I like salty foods so it was perfect. **side note: Ms. Lin LOVES salty foods, way more than I do! =9**
My Dad decided to try one of their specials, the Ultimate Mexican Omelette. It's sliced Chicken, Chorizo, diced Onions, Green Chiles, fresh Cilantro, Refried Beans folded inside and topped with Salsa, Jack & Cheddar Cheese, and Sour Cream. Even though this had beans, I had to give it a taste so that I can decide if it's good myself. The flavors were good and it worked. Personally, I'd choose what Ms. Lin ordered because they are close in flavor.
For our Mom, we chose to order her the Collision Course. It's an Egg Crêpe with diced Ham, Bacon, Mixed Cheeses, Mushrooms, and Onions. This was my least favorite dish. It was not what you expected and lacked flavor. I think I would rather have this as a plain omelette rather than crêpe skin. Still, we decided to try this because it sounded unique. If you come here, definitely try the skillet if you love simple flavor or go for an omelette.
Ms. Lin and I wanted some Pancakes as well, so we got a side order of pancakes. They were good, but nothing special. We were so full from eating our own dishes that we were barely able to touch the pancakes. Yes, we were too greedy. O=) I still prefer the Japanese pancakes I made. If you are only here for a short trip, then try the skillet or omelette rather than waste it on regular pancakes.
All in all the food was good and the service was super friendly! Like I said, she was so cute! ^_^ We had a really nice time there and enjoyed our meal. If you are ever in Vegas and up for breakfast, then definitely give this place a try! I just went back a few days ago too! Of course that's another story to tell... ^o^

Egg & I

4533 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 364-9686
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