Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally Reached An END!

We decided to leave Sunday on the 4th of July weekend and BOY was that a huge mistake! It was deadlock traffic! From Vegas to Primm's it's really does not take that much time... but it SURE did that day! A couple miles took about 1/2 an hour to 1 hour. So we decided to pull off the road and shop a little. That ended up being a mistake as well! We were stuck in deadlock trying to get out of the area. It probably would have taken an hour just to get back on the freeway. Keep in mind it's actually right next to the freeway, but it was PACKED to the brim and no one could move. So we just gave up and decided to change our dinner plans. Originally they wanted to go to Korean BBQ in LA's K-town, but judging from traffic it would be near impossible. The only thing around was horrendous fast food or dinner at the Terribles Casino. Judging from the name alone, what do you think?
They have these $7.99 deals for different steak meals and we gave up trying so dinner was at the The Gallery Café inside the casino. Maybe it was our low expectations? Maybe I had just given up hope... It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. Ms. Lin and I both got the Prime Rib Special, served 24 hours. It's an 8 oz. Prime Rib with French Fries that's served with Vegetables and a choice of soup or salad. We both chose to get the soup and it was a Minestrone, which was surprisingly good! It had tons of meat and it was loaded with flavor. We were both guessing it was from Campbell's, but it had huge chunks of meat. There was barely any soup, it was just full of content. Like I said, maybe it's because we had such low low low low low low *to the power of infinity* expectations that any decent flavor seemed great. The prime rib was a very generous portion. It must have been near 12 oz. versus the 8 oz. they said on the menu. They even gave some kind horseradish to accompany the prime rib, which I was surprised and glad to see. The meat was actually very tender and it was decent. For the price you pay, it's not too bad.
Our dad decided to get the T-Bone Steak and Eggs because he really wanted the Hash Browns. It's 2 Eggs with a broiled T-Bone Steak served with Toast. This didn't look appealing at all and he really should have ordered the prime rib with us. The hash brown was good, but anything that comes out of a frozen bag and grilled would taste the same. It's like eating at Denny's. At least our prime rib was more worth it and the soup was good. If you are ever stuck in this sad sad area and you just want to have a cheap meal since the choices are very very limited... then I'd recommend here to get your cheap Prime Rib Dinner. I guess you could say this would be the epitome of old "Vegas" dining. Cheap and 24 hours! O=)
P.S. Don't expect much service! It's almost exactly like Denny's but with gambling and smoking. =P


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