Wednesday, July 9, 2008

After a hot meal for lunch, we wanted to get something nice and cool for dessert. I had did some research before we went to Vegas and there were a few places that popped up as good dessert places. Well... they LIED! We happened to be at the Wynn in Las Vegas because our Dad wanted to check out the hotel. I told Ms. Lin about Sugar & Ice that's located there that's said to have good desserts. We decided to give their Gelato a try. She chose the Caramel Stracciati and I decided to get the Peanut Butter Cup Dream. At first I wasn't going to get that flavor because Ms. Lin's not a huge fan of peanut butter. Luckily she told me to get what I liked because what she got was bland and icy. The peanut butter flavor was actually much better. I have to say that Vegas keeps disappointing me with their Gelato! The place we tried in the Venetian last time, which I will eventually get to posting O=), was horrible too. There wasn't any intriguing flavors that looked appealing that day either.
All in all I don't recommend this place at all for their Gelato. People said they have good drinks and food, I don't know if I would believe them anymore. Their gelato is quite pricey, which only makes it worse that it tasted so bland and icy. It definitely was NOT a gelato. I wanted to get a Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone that was the only interesting part. It's half dipped in Milk Chocolate and the other half in White Chocolate. The cone looked pretty, but taste was a whole other thing! BLECH! The chocolate was so waxy and sweet that I couldn't even eat the whole thing. I almost chipped my tooth trying to bite into the multi-layered cone. A 2-scoop Gelato with a Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone ended up costing me almost $10. I know it's Vegas and all, but it's a ridiculous amount to pay especially when it's not even good! =***(

Sugar & Ice

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 770-3463
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll make sure to avoid this place! Wynn used to have a great macaron place but unforunately it has closed.

Next time you're in the Bay Area you should check out Ciao Bella (in Ferry Building) or Gelato Classico (Mountain View and possibly other locations). Both are really good!

Kat said...

Ha ha thanks for the recommendation! I have been to Ciao Bella, but I will have to try out Gelato Classico! Ever since Paris, I have been hunting for great gelato! Have you ever been to Amarino's in Paris? The best! We didn't get any good gelato in Florence or Venice that could compare!

The "gelato" they served here was truly just sugar and ice, where was the cream or flavor!?!?!!? >_<# I am hoping that when I go back Saturday to Vegas, Jean-Philippe will be much better... hopefully! I am trying to keep expectations low. Taking a quote from Homer Simpson, "The first step to failure is trying." I apply that to having expectations too! =9

Kat said...

To show love to the readers, I came home especially tonight just so that I can blog. I know the "bees" are eagerly awaiting new posts, so I have been working hard to crank them out and entertain you all! ^_-

It's almost 5AM and I have to get up by 8AM for breakfast/research of new great places to try! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Don't stress about blogging every day!!! You should definitely get your beauty sleep. We were just noticing a big gap when you were gone for 4th of July weekend. :) You know how inconsistent I am with blogging (I also get the feeling that you never visit...?). We just want to let you know that your blogs are eagerly read when available.

Kat said...

Aww thanks! I am just going to do a short blog today since it's 6:40AM already. Thanks for always reading! ^_^ We didn't have internet there so I couldn't blog at all. I have seen your blog a few times. I wasn't sure if I'm suppose to read it so I just glance at it when Ms. Lin talks about it.

Thanks again for the support! I am very happy that you guys are reading! ^_^ Have a great weekend! Hopefully I will be able to catch up more this weekend, if I am ever home. O=)

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the OP. This place is terrible. I went in May 2009 and I was so disappointed that a classy hotel like the Wynn would allow such a terrible store like this to operate.

I also recommend not to go here.

Kat said...

Yah, you would think that the Wynn would have a better place. It was a huge disappointment... maybe their hot food is better but I wouldn't go back to try it. O=9

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