Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic-Con MADNESS! ^_^

I HAD to take a picture of the adorable Pikachu lording above the booth. As soon as Ms. Lin saw it, she insisted that I take a picture of it. Little did she know I had already done so many times, but of course it was so cute that I took more! ^_^
This year was the first time I have been to Comic-Con. Despite what everyone thinks, I am not buried in comic books or glued to the TV. Yes, I have been to Animexpo twice a long long time ago. In my defense it was free the 2nd time, as well as Comic-Con this time or I wouldn't be there. O=) Of course a BIG part was to see Ms. Lin ^_- **of course I am only saying this in fear of her wrath! lol j/k**
Oh the MADNESS! It is CRAZY down there! You can NOT imagine how many, how should I put it lightly, INTERESTING people attend this event. As I was walking towards the Convention Center there was this person dressed up in nice leather boots, decked out in revealing black clothing, made up with nice make-up, and holding an umbrella. I immediately knew it was a guy by instinct even though he looked exactly like a girl. He confirmed my notion when I heard him speaking. Of course this does not phase me, but it did make me giggle when I thought about what lied ahead.
There were tons of booths set up throughout. I went with my Mom in the afternoon Friday and we had a HORRIBLE time. We were both upset and annoyed by the whole ordeal. There really wasn't much to do and there was so much madness! I was furious about wasting my time coming down because I was dead tired from Vegas and my feet couldn't take anymore. We waited for Ms. Lin to finish her shift and then we accompanied her one more time to look through the convention. There really wasn't anything that interested her too.
It's serious MADNESS there! PURE INSANITY! Ms. Lin told me people were grabbing things as if their lives depended on it. It's as if the free goods were food and they hadn't eaten in decades! No wonder there was nothing to pillage that afternoon, which made it SUPER BORING. I was very disappointed at the vendors for not maintaining the consumer's interest!
In all fairness, I think I had a much better time with MBA and her family. She's gone every year for 4 years now I believe. We met up later that Friday and I decided to give Comic-Con one more time with a different group. They went for the last hour giveaway in the Marvel booth. We stood there for a very very long time and were teased/led on/played with/etc... Eventually they started the giveaway and the MC was very odd and annoying. He played his favorites and gave some people prizes continuously, which I thought was in poor taste. He shouldn't keep giving one person prizes when there were so many around. I stood in front and was being pushed by hundreds of people clawing & grabbing. The guy behind me was SO OBNOXIOUS! He kept SCREAMING to the MC, "You are the coolest, I LOVE You!" Luckily he was ignored and received nothing, but standing in front of him was a HUGE PAIN. He kept leaning on me and screaming almost right in my ear. I later complained about it to MBA and her family. They were all thinking the same thing. Well to get the free goods, I had to eventually prostrate myself publicly and work it to draw attention to myself... and it WORKED! Mwahaha! I got an Iron Man PSP game and I don't even have a PSP. =P I really wanted the special Iron Man flash drive, which I thought was at least 1 gig. A lady heard me say that and asked to exchange with me. I was a little torn because I know the game is worth more... but MBA gave a good reasoning that the flash drive is unique to Comic-Con and I don't even have a PSP. So I exchanged, but it was a lame 512mb. I should have just kept the PSP and sold it, then buy the flash drive online for cheaper. It's okay though, because I am lazy and just thinking about the process makes me tired. lol O=)
The last day was much better because I went near opening, although I was infuriated by some booths. Paramount had a horrible organization and the people at Disney were INCOMPETENT, RUDE, on a POWER TRIP, and so forth. They were the last straw that broke the camel's back that day for me, I couldn't stand being there anymore after an encounter with them. I met up with MBA and her Mom that day and we plowed through a bunch of booths pillaging the goods. It's much more fun when you go with people who are crazy about the convention. You just let everything go and go crazy. They were also much more experienced and guided me around. ^_^ Last but not least, I saw a crowd around the booth with Simpsons figurines and I was actually able to semi-recognize Matt Groening. So I tried to take a quick picture. I was amazed at myself for even knowing what he looks like. OH NO I am becoming like one of THEM!!!! **EEP**


Anonymous said...

If you are as non-nerdy a you say you are, then why do you hang out with me? ;) Your pictures came out great! Comic con is getting a little hectic, even for me, but I still like it. Five years ago it wasn't nearly this bad. Non nerd unbelievers go home! You can still come with me though, Kat :)

Kat said...

You are so funny! ^_^ I know! Why am I friends with you??? Hmmm. lol

Thanks! I am glad you like the picture! The one where the guy was fixing Iron Man's shoe came from my phone. Still pretty good quality! Could you tell it was different from the rest?

This year was definitely crazy! I think it was a bit much. It's even worse than Animexpo in my mind, but then again I haven't been to Animexpo in a while. You did make it a lot more fun since you were into the madness! HAHA

Maybe next year if my sister goes again, which I doubt because she's traumatized lol, then we can do it again! ^_- We need to practice our pleading skills to get more free goodies! lol

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