Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trying A New Place

TP and I met up on Friday for lunch. We made plans to go out Friday a while back and she almost completely forgot. Nonetheless, we were able to meet up and she decided to try Swaad Indian Cuisine. The best time to try out new Indian restaurants is going at lunch time because they usually have a buffet set up. This way you can get a feel for the restaurant without having to pay full price for all the dishes, which most likely wouldn't taste good. Despite the reviews online, I didn't feel that they were inattentive and rude. The interior seemed new and spacious.
They had a nice amount of choices in the buffet. I started out by ordering a Mango Lassi and it was actually quite good. It was sweet and flavorful. You could really taste the ripe mango flavor. I didn't like how they put ice in it though, because it waters the lassi down. That day I limped around the buffet set up. They had an interesting signature soup of Mango Corn Soup. The flavor was pretty good, it reminded me of the mango lassi. I just wished there weren't so many seasonings that ruined the texture for me somewhat.
There were some good and some bad dishes. I really liked the Paneer. Ever since TP has been promised to make me some, I have had a craving and I finally got to have them again. TP I am STILL waiting for some homemade paneer! ^_- The Tandori Chicken looked inedible and I for sure didn't even bother to have any. TP didn't like it and questioned if it was chicken. They had Lamb Curry and there was actually a lot of meat out. I liked the flavor and the meat was tender. I found it interesting that they had Goat/Mutton, so I had to give it a try.
All in all the food was decent. It was nothing fabulous nor horrible, but it was more expensive than I thought it would be. Lunch was $10 and then plus tax & tip. I was hoping that they had good desserts because they had the Milk Balls soaked in Honey. Unfortunately it was WAY overcooked and tough. **Warning** The picture might be deceiving because I made edits to look good, but it does not mean that the dessert was good. I wish that we had 4 people to go with because I know they have coupons out there for buy 3 lunch buffets and get one free. >_<#


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