Monday, June 9, 2008

Even though I think Godiva is a little bit over price for what it is, I still love it. My favorite thing there these days are the Chocolixirs. I have been drinking them ever since they first came out. They are extremely over priced, but well worth it. They are $4.75 for only 12 ounces. That's a lot more costly than most drinks you get at any coffee store. I usually switch up the drinks and try all the different flavors. The picture above is the Milk Chocolate Caramel. It's chocolatey, caramely, and sweet. If you want many chunks of chocolate pieces and something not as sweet then go for the Dark Chocolate Decadence. I usually get that one because the chocolate flavor is much stronger and tasty without rotting my tooth. ^_^


Anonymous said...

It looks soooooo good in your picture! Gotta try this soon.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha thanks ^_^ It is really good. I love picking one up before I start shopping the mall. It's especially good when it's hot outside. =9

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