Sunday, June 29, 2008

We had to complete the night by taking Tiramisu to Mochilato for dessert. Since we finished our meal late, this place was open late so we decided to stop here. Angel J introduced this place to me a long long time ago and I have been here before. The funniest part was how she told me about this place. She whipped out a card and told me exactly where it was, what it sold, why it's good, & more. I asked if this was her parent's store and she said no, then I asked if it's her friend's place and she said no. The way she talked about it, you would think she's promoting for friends & family but she was just expressing her feelings for this place! =) Silly girl!
It's a nice decor inside and there are always many choices of dessert items. I have to make this comment though, it's kind of expensive. Their shaved ice here is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! I am Asian and I can get shaved ice, maybe not the exact same or as pretty, but for less then half the price that they sell it here. It's like $6+ for shaved ice, in my opinion that's way too much but I will give them the credit that it looks really nice. I saw that they offered some new unique Japanese desserts but they for some reason told me that they aren't making it Saturday night. That made me really sad =*( because I wanted to try the freshly made desserts.
Tiramisu decided to try the Crème Brûlée Gelato in a Waffle Cup. I must say the waffle cup looked very stale. If anyone ever goes to Ici, then you will know what a wonderfully DELICIOUS cone tastes like! ^_^ The gelato looked a little icy for my taste and I had the crème brûlée gelato inside the mochi. It was only okay in my opinion and it had a little alcoholy flavor in the gelato. I tried the Pistachio Mochi and ordered the Mango Mochi again. Personally I like the mango mochi better that's sold at 99 ranch. At least you know they use real mangoes for the mochi because it's very tart. The pistachio was a little light in flavor, I would rather have Häagen-Daz's or Ben & Jerry's Pistachio flavored ice cream. Gelato is suppose to be thicker and creamier than ice cream, but I did not feel it was here.
I agree with Tiramisu that the mochi should be thicker and not as soft. It's tasty but it easily stretches and falls off the icy gelato. The Hazelnut Mochi is very lightly flavored, you can't really taste the full richness of hazelnut. I personally love the flavor of hazelnut and I feel they need to jazz it up more to make it better. This makes me want to go out and buy some Nutella to get my hazlenut fill! ^_-All in all the place is only okay. Maybe I had too high of an expectation? I still think the best gelato I have had is in Paris! Ciao Bella in SF was pretty good too, but so far SoCal has not impressed me. When I go to Las Vegas next weekend, I will search for good gelato! I still need to post my Vegas trip in January to share the nice restaurants as I will be going there again. If yiou have a favorite gelato place around OC or LA or LV, please suggest! ^_- P.S. I will post about this eventually, but Coccilini in the Venetian was barely tolerable for gelato...blech... I let Ms. Lin and Mom have it all because the flavor was so bland.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Mochilato if only for satisfying my sweet tooth, the cute ambiance and the fact that I got to chat with my good friend "Kat". I probably would go there again just for the nice space (presentation makes a big impression on me) granted the gelato was so so.

However if you aren't willing to shell out a few extra dollars for a cute place to chat and just need really good gelato, I would head elsewhere.

I wouldn't consider the gelato at Mochilato real gelato. It wasn't thick enough or solid enough. The creme brulet I had, while good, tasted too much like regular vanilla ice cream. If you like more of the creme with sugar crystals, I suggest Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulet ice cream. I'm partial to that because its really rich and the sugar crystals are so yummy. In fact I just finished a pint today (*sigh* D: I need to exercise).

In agreement with Kat, I felt the waffle was "card boardy". I actually prefer Cold Stone's waffle bowl much better than theirs. While I don't eat out nearly as often as Kat does, I still have a discriminating pallette. I hate wasting food too, but I couldn't even eat more than a few pieces of the waffle. The mochi itself was ok. I would have preferred thinner ice cream and more firm mochi. The flavors of the ice cream were very subtle and a bit runny. It did not hold well in the mochi. I've had better mochi ice cream at Ozeki Noodle in Oxnard. Now their mochi ice cream is excellent and firm even though they are a Japanese restaurant and not necessarily an ice cream shop. Man I have to back there soon. All in all nice experience even though they kicked us out at 11pm booo.

Kat said...

You are so CUTE Tiramisu! ^_^ I agree that the place was nice to chat and hang out, but the internet said they were open until Midnight... LIES lol I wish we had more time together! ^_- We will have to hang out together again soon and I will bring Tofu!

I will have to try Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream after how much you rave about it. You do have a good pallette, don't sell yourself short! If you like Macadamia Nuts or Brittle you will have to try Haagen Daz's Macadamia Nut Brittle. To Die For! ^_^ I think I need to go out and buy some ice cream to cleanse the lame taste of the gelato. It's definitely a cute place, but so far I am not too impressed of the food. I also really really wanted to order the Imagawayaki, but they LIED! BOOOO >_<# Maybe I will go there one more time to try and get it. I will wait for Tiramisu to come down again to spend some quality time together! ^_-

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