Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I went to Lucille's BBQ when it first opened up on El Toro. It was always packed and people lined up outside. Of course I had to try it. I didn't really think it was that great when I went back a few years ago. So when people ask me to go, I am quite hesitant. Apple Jacks came down to visit so I asked them what they would like and they actually decided on BBQ. I was thinking about the choices down here and I didn't want to make them drive even more South, so I thought why not go back and try it again. Of course I had to invite Coconut because she has been wanting to go there. It was busy as usual, but it did not take long to get our table. The service was friendly and UNFORTUNATELY this was part of Saturday. Needless to say, all the pictures are GONE! So Sad!

There aren't any to even work with this time, so I will keep this short and sweet. We all ordered BBQ combos. I really like their BBQ Chicken because it's always a huge portion and the meat was very tender. The Baby Back Ribs were good, but I was surprised at how delicious the Beef Ribs were. They were huge and meaty. I liked the caramelized crust on all of the ribs. This time around I liked the sauce. It was a great hearty meal filled with MEAT! How can you go wrong with that?

I really enjoyed the meal because it was a very nice night with Apple Jacks and Coconut. The prices were still not cheap, but what is nowadays?!? I think based on this second experience, I might actually go back again sometime soon versus after last time I haven't been back since they first opened. They have changed a little bit in the bread given, but still tastes good with the apple butter. If I could only share the pictures with everyone out there! =*(


Anonymous said...

aw too bad the pics are gone!~ well, hopefully you'll go again soon and take pics to replace those :)

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