Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love my coupons. Even though I was running late for my class today, I just had to stop by Gloria Jean's Coffee in the Mission Viejo Mall to get my drinks. On a warm day, it's great to have a cool refreshing drink. Of course if I didn't have my buy one get one free coupon, I'd be at Godiva across the escalator for a Chocolixir. The drinks are pretty huge and definitely not the cheapest, but a much better deal than Godiva. I believe they were 24 oz. drinks for $5.50 or $5.70 each. Of course with the coupon, I only paid $5.70 ^_^ The Mint Chocolate Cookie was very sweet and minty. I found it very interesting that they put peppermint taffy to give the minty flavor. The chocolate had a dense dark flavor, but the sweetness was a little overpowering. I also got the Cookies & Cream. It was nicely decorated with crumbled Oreo-like cookies. This was a creamier drink and sweet. I couldn't even finish one, but that was my plan all along. After class, I brought the to drinks over to my Grandmother so she can enjoy the drinks. The servers there were extremely friendly that day. They usually aren't that busy there, but the people who work there were always laid back and nice. All I have to say is.. How can you go wrong with buy one get one FREE! ^_^


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