Monday, May 19, 2008

So-So Egg Cakes

I love Egg Cakes and I have been looking for a great place to have them. Ms. Lin suggested Break Time in Cupertino near Q-Cup. We strolled over to pick up the Egg cakes as they were closing down for their afternoon break. They take a while to make so we stood there looking around. This place offers a variety of desserts. They had some different flavors of souffles but they were around $9, which is an outrageous amount for a snack place. Overall the egg cakes were decent, but I wished they were separated individually. The flavor was a little too cakey for my taste. It almost tastes just like my Morinaga pancake mix. This was not as good as the place in Fremont we went to, but better than this other place we tried on Geary Blvd.


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