Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sing, My Angel Of Music

Sing! We went to the Music Tunnel KTV in Richmond after I grabbed my tea. Luckily I could bring my drink in, but you are not allowed to bring alcohol. They have Happy Hour where it's either $10 and up an hour with a minimum amount needed to be spent on food or drinks. You can't reserve the $10 rooms and they run out pretty fast. Ms. Lin called ahead to book the $15 per hour rooms. We were led to our room immediately and the people there seemed very friendly. It was a nice and clean place. The only thing I would have to complain about is the interface of their karaoke system. You have to look at this small 17 inch monitor and use a remote to scroll slowly through categories to find the song you want. For Chinese music it was by the artists and their sex. As for the English songs they listed them alphabetically by the first letter, but scrolling through took FOREVER. I really liked that there was a tambourine on the table because that forced me to bust out my non-existent skill. To be honest, I just wanted to play with it and make tons of noise. O=9
For our snacks, Ms. Lin and Ms. BumbleBee shared a pot of Rose Honey Tea. I chose to get a Watermelon Juice drink and share a Spicy Popcorn Chicken. Our drinks were made in the store, but I believe they ran out to a nearby store to pick up the chicken. They probably would've ran out to buy my drink too, if it were more complicated. There's a service button on one of the remotes and they were pretty fast to answer. Obviously you don't go there for the food or the drinks, but for the fun of singing! You sing loud and proud AND out of tune! That's the best part! The walls were a little thin because when we stopped singing I could hear the other room's bad singing. I love karaoke! For those of you who know me, I sing ALL the time. I do apologize to everyone for making them deaf, but oh well! It's your fault for riding in my car! =P I love singing loud and I know CMM Lover loves to sing loud & out of tune for fun. Especially her favorite Backstreet Boys' songs! Good times!


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