Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Tuesday was an all day eating fest since I was leaving SF and the last part I didn't write about was the lunch we had. Ms. Lin had to work in San Jose and my flight was down there as well. For lunch we went somewhere really close by to her work. She talked about Pinoy Express where they offer an all you can eat lunch for $8.99 or you can get plates and choose either 1 or 2 items. This of course excludes the all wonderful turrón.
Reasonably, the turrón costs $1 a piece. It's your typical Filipino dessert. I love it when it's good and I wish you could find them easier. So when I saw it here, I had to try them out. I played it smart by getting one to try out before ordering a ton. Typically it's similar to a plantain lumpia and filled with a slice of jackfruit. The one they served here were decent size but it only had tons of banana mush inside. I liked the crispy shell but not the stuffing. If the center was a little firmer and had a more complex flavor like jackfruit then I would have bought a ton to bring home.
They had a wide selection to choose from. Sorry but I don't know any of the names of what we tried. Ms. Lin said that they change their selections daily so you might not get the same choices each time. One thing I liked was that they used tons of nicely fried pork. If you do not like fatty meat, be sure to ask for what they recommend. Most of the dishes used the marbleized pork with a fatty outer layer. One thing they had was the fried fatty pieces of the pork. I thought they would taste really good, but the fat was too overpowering for me and I like fatty meats. The meat was fried way too much. There were other dishes that have the fatty meat and aren't fried too much that was stir fried were much better tasting.
All in all the food was good and I liked the owners. You can get the sense of feeling that they really want you to enjoy their cooking and they care. I think it was good that we chose the all you can eat option because I could try all the different dishes and pinpoint which ones were my favorite. If there was a place like this in MV, I'd go there often to check out the goodies. Of course nothing is as good as Little Bel cooking Panset for me ^_-!!!


Anonymous said...

The turon that Rich used to bring were the best, don't you think? We haven't been to SD lately due to our busy sched. hahaha! But once we do we'll get you the turon. You know if we're buying most of it, Rich and I have to be there in the morning because if we go after noon, boy! there won't be any more like the last time :(

Kat said...

Of course the ones that Lil Bel and Rich gets are the best ^_-!! I know you are always so busy these days, but it's a good busy! I can't wait to see you this Saturday! Burgers!! Yum Yum!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I can't even identify the foods you ate! Lol they all look so fatty and "brown" not colorful at all! It's seriously hard to find good Filipino restaurants, but I'm glad you liked the one where you went. I wonder what kind of foods they were and what region of the Philippines. Next time I'll definitely make some turon for you, but you need to be in LA more often!

Anonymous said...

OMG I NEVER SAW THIS! An offer of turon... HECK YAH lol

hmm.. must make a trip to LA
or you can make it for me when you come down for my B-day dinner ^_- tee hee

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