Friday, May 30, 2008


So today Sex and the City, the movie, came out and I went early to see it. There were a few people there and mostly women... go figure! =P I don't want to give anything away so I will keep the review very general. The movie was decent, nothing spectacular. I felt it was a little corny, but then again it is a chick flick. Still, if you are a devoted fan you will probably love it. As we were leaving the theatre we heard this women calling her friend and RAVING about it. We just started laughing at how silly people can be. Just watch the movie and enjoy! Although I think I rather they didn't make the movie because the way they ended it was more meaningful than the movie's ending. Regardless, I thought there were some really funny parts and some really heartbreaking moments. It's just nice to watch.
Now onto the BAD! It was HORRIBLE! The HORROR! And I don't mean that the movie was scary, it's the horror of having to sit through such a CRAPPY movie! At first I thought Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls was a bad movie because of the lame plot. Man was I in for a surprise... This movie had absolutely no plot.. it did NOT make any sense at all. The entire movie was just lame spooky tense scenes. It was funny watching people jump because they were startled. I almost fell asleep to be honest! These guys sitting behind us really need to grow some **beep beeps** I can't stand such chickens. A few nights ago I fell asleep with the TV on and I didn't know. I suddenly heard someone whisper, "I am going to kill you." Then I woke up and I looked around thinking.. hmm that's odd.. but oh well! Lets just say I am not a chicken and I don't care even if I am home alone. After seeing this movie, I realized that it was the trailer I heard and still NOT scary. =9 Avoid this movie! Unless you just want a drawn out lame violent movie leaving you empty and wondering why you came to see such a crappy movie.


Eileen said...

I saw The Stranger's trailer and thought it was scary.
It almost made me wanna watch the movie.
Now I know to save that $10.

Kat said...

Ha ha no problem! Always glad to help. ^_^ I guess some people thought there were scary parts but absolutely no plot. If you are still curious then I'd wait for rental or **cough cough** internet dl, but you didn't hear that from me.

Also, to help you save money. If you have an entertainment book or know someone with one... use the cinema coupons and it's only $6 to see a movie. Or go to Costco to buy tickets and it's $7.50 with no restrictions. If you must go, then you must save ^_-

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