Thursday, May 1, 2008

After a very filling lunch of Korean BBQ, we were debating on whether we should grab dinner. A big discussion of trying new places while full would not be fair because food generally doesn't taste as good when you are stuffed. So the dilemma of finding a restaurant that's good but nothing that will be missed if I go there full. We finally decided on going to Yakko Sushi since Japanese food would be on the lighter side and it's better to go when full so we don't spend as much. O=PMs. Lin loves the Asari Miso Soup there. It's miso soup with a very generous amount of clams. The soups flavor was a little light, nonetheless tasty. There wasn't a lot of unique choices on the menu so I had an extremely difficult time finding something I'd like. I just defaulted and ordered the Hamachi Sashimi. To spice up the dish, I asked for jalapeños and lemons. Even though they don't have any special dishes, good fresh fish is all that's needed. I added my own flavor and dressed it up to make it delicious. The fish was fresh and the cuts were not bad, so I liked it a lot after mixing up the flavors.We shared the Hot Night. It's jalapeño stuffed with spicy fish and then deep-fried. I am always up for anything fried and I am starting to like jalapeños more. The fish inside was cooked and lightly spiced. I think they didn't clean out the jalapeño well because when I ate the jalapeno part there was a fire in my mouth. After that my tongue was getting very sensitive to the heat so I avoided the jalapeno and just ate the batter and spicy fish inside. This dish was decent but nothing special. If you like spicy and fried then this would be the dish for you.Spicy dishes are Ms. Lin's favorites. One of her favorite rolls here is the Arizona Roll. It's spicy yellow tail with cucumber inside rice topped with yellow tail. This dish was pretty spicy, I only had a few pieces since I had my own yellow tail to eat. I really liked the light flavor added to the yellow tail on top of the roll. Ms. Lin had to end her meal with her favorite sushi, Uni. Of course we took many funny photos of her love for Uni. All in all the food was decent and a reasonable price. The service was friendly and they were dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. I doubt any of the people working there were really Japanese though. Ms. Lin said that their Chirashi was very generous, but sadly the items they listed in it were mostly fish I don't eat. The decor was very nice and I loved the seating. They had the seats where you had to take off your shoes to sit in the wooden area. I thought that added to the dining experience. Since we were both stuffed and just looking for a normal meal, this really fit our criteria. I think they have pretty decent food, limited selection, and generous portions.


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