Monday, April 7, 2008

Waiting For Dinner!

We arrived too early for Amber that night and had a half hour to waste. It was raining outside so we did not want to keep wondering around when there was only 30 minutes left. Since Amber was located a little ways away from the shopping we just decided to wait in Peet's Coffee & Tea. The exterior and interior decor was very nice. It's like what a coffee/tea shop should be. We sat there and chatted for the next half hour. Ms. Lin grabbed a tea to sip on while waiting. It was extremely hot, so she barely touched it. She kept it and re-heated the drink when she got back home. Ms. Lin pointed out that they gave two tea bags, whereas Starbucks gives the option of one or two tea bags and if you get only one it would be cheaper. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Peet's. If I hadn't had a milk tea earlier, I would have gotten one of their blended drinks. They looked good. O=P


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