Thursday, April 10, 2008

GRRRRR! I got up early and went outside to see the passing of the Olympic Torch through San Francisco since its only stop in North America was here. By luck it's really close by at AT&T Park, or so they SAID! Of course we were punked, which I suspected from the beginning. It's just like what happened in Pamplona, NO BULL! There was no Flaming Torch!! Above were the pictures of the madness, of course nowhere near the craziness that we experienced at the Running of the Bulls. There were so many cops and so many protesters. They ranged from Free Tibet to Free Burma and to support China. It was quite amusing yet SCARY at the same time. These people who supposedly want "peace" would be the most VIOLENT people around to defend for what they believe in. I believe in a peaceful solution. If you're single and would like to date someone Chinese then this was the place to be! There were so many patriotic Chinese people around. Ms. Lin and I just had to take pictures of the flags waving in the wind! That will be my way to show some patriotism. It was quite frightening how many cops were wearing riot gear! The whole time I was thinking that I am totally getting out of their way if anything happens. Although I was tempted in kicking some butt when this annoying group of protesters for socialism held their banner right at my head and kept hitting me. Alright, I don't mind a stupid cloth banner whacking my head from the wind but I almost snapped when they let go and their stupid side pole smacked my head! WTF! Dude I was ready to rip them a new one but I decided they weren't worth it. They didn't even apologize! I mean I respect your right to have an opinion but get some MANNERS! ROAR!
As you can see I did not have a good time, NOR did I see the lame runner with the torch after waiting forever! Ms. Lin left to be in meeting so I ended up standing there all by myself because of what she wanted to see. She BETTER feel the love man! Yet again we saw nothing! At least we have a picture or two of the runner they smuggled in to light the fire inside AT&T Park. The evil SF officials purposely lied about the route so that they can avoid conflict. In a way I can understand why because of what happened in Paris. I do feel for the people waiting hours and hours as well as those who traveled from far & wide to see this event! By chance I am in SF so it's not that big of an effort except wasted time. I am still totally bummed out! Boooooooo!


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