Thursday, April 17, 2008

We were down by Fillmore Street to grab some yogurt and tea, as well as head into the Safeway there. I have never seen such viciousness as I have seen when you park in the Safeway lot. We literally left the lot for maybe 2 mins to grab Tapioca Express and went back over to shop at Safeway. As we walked towards Safeway, we saw a man with a blue-light flashlight looking into cars and I thought it was very suspicious. Luckily I saw it and warned Ms. Lin, we shopped really fast in Safeway. Then as we were heading out, we saw 3-5 cars being towed away by different tow trucks. How do they know who's shopping at Safeway and who's not, they need better enforcement rather than towing people's car away. Luckily we shopped fast and we didn't get towed, but the car next to us was towed. Super EVIL! So beware to not park there too long, even if you are shopping in Safeway.Now onto the brighter side, the Tapioca Express that's really close by was pretty interesting. I liked the interior, very clean and bright colored. They have a lot of specials and a schedule for daily specials. I got my favorite Jasmine Milk Tea, but their tea was only decent. I asked for sweeter and it was sweet, but I felt the tea flavor was lacking. The drink was a little bit watery than what I am used to, but still good. Ms. Lin opted to try out their daily special that's only $1.99, it was the Smoky Oolong Milk Tea. It's definitely unique, so Ms. Lin decided to give it a go. She liked the drink because it had a subtle sweetness and the flavor was different. The Oolong tea leaves were lightly cooked to give the smoky flavor. I want to come back on Tuesdays when they have the daily special of crispy chicken for either $1.99 or $2.99, can't remember now. What sold me was that you can add 25 cents to make it more flavorful. They had a special garlic option! YUMMY! ^_^

Tapioca Express
1522 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 346-6600


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