Monday, April 21, 2008

The title is my warning that I made the pictures look much better than the real thing! Last time I was up in SF Ms. Lin recommended Primo Patio a Caribbean place right next store but I have never taken the effort to try them out. Every day I would say that I'd eat lunch there but my laziness always won out. Finally on the day of the Olympic Torch we went there to grab lunch to go and eat it back in the apt. The outer decor looked simplistic and there were a lot of tacky touches to the decor, which were cute. There's a patio in the back that looked very comfy and inviting. The lady at the front seemed very nice, although she messed up our order a little. I was a little put-off with her attitude after we pointed out that she made a mistake with our order.
Ms. Lin recommended their Grilled Jerk Chicken Sandwich, their signature dish with Jamaican style marinade. It's served on soft French bread with tomato, lettuce, and their signature sauce. All the sandwiches came with Caribbean Red Fries, which were normal fries tossed in Cayenne. The fries were overdone and nothing special, but I did like their signature sauce because it tasted like garlic mayonnaise with some spices. The chicken was good, but a little bland. At least they didn't overcook the chicken, but I couldn't really tell that it was jerk chicken. I spiced it up with their sauce, so that made it better. I guess this sandwich was not bad but nothing special.
The lady recommended their special that day of Jerk Pork Sandwich. She really tried to sell that dish so we decided to give it a try. It's almost exactly like the chicken sandwich except with pork inside. At first I thought it was going to be a pork tenderloin but it turn out to be pulled pork. Ms. Lin really liked the pork because it was very flavorful and spicy. I didn't like it that much because it was full of spice that gave it a bitter taste. We shared both sandwiches but she ended up eating the pork and I finished the chicken. Luckily she liked the pork and I was fine with the chicken or we'd both be miserable.
I was starving that morning so I wanted to get an appetizer, but we decided to get the Grilled Lamb Pita instead. Since I am usually on a big lamb craze, you would think this dish would be great. Sadly, it lacked any flavor at all. The one good thing was that they gave a generous portion of lamb and it wasn't overcooked. Their menu said that the lamb is grilled and served in a pita, boy were they right! That's about it! It's just lamb with no flavor in a pita with a trickle of tomato chunks. I had to drench the pitas with sauce to give it any taste. This was definitely not what we wanted. I wouldn't waste money on this dish if I were you. If you want delicious lamb in a pita, I'd go to Yumma's.
All in all it's not bad, but not great. It's just like what Ms. Lin said, good but nothing special. Next time Ms. Lin is down in the OC I will have to take her to Eva's Caribbean Kitchen! The only thing that I really liked of the place was the sauce only because it tasted strongly of garlic. Other than that, it's only a so-so place. Definitely not a place you need to come up to the city to try. For me, if we were closer to the Ferry building I would rather get the grilled cheese panini! Burumun, you know what I am talking about! ^_-


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