Sunday, April 27, 2008

People Watching

While I waited for Ms. Lin to finish her appointment, I strolled over to Coffee Bean in Union Square. There were tons of people waiting to get a caffeine pick me up. I debated between getting the Ice Blended Vanilla or the Ice Blended Caramel. My favorite is the vanilla, but I decided to get something new and ordered the 24oz of Ice Blended Caramel. For some odd reason they didn't ask if I wanted whipped cream and gave it to me flat. I should have went back and asked for some whipped cream because it adds so much flavor & texture to the drink. They didn't do a great job on the drink, I have had better. You would think that a chain would be more consistent, but it really depends on who makes the drink. I just grabbed my drink and sat outside in the sun people watching, as if I was in Paris. Sigh! I miss Paris! To pass the time away, I called people up to chat on the phone as I waited. If you are ever in Union Square in SF and have a hankering for Coffee Bean, maybe you should walk further down to pick up a better one from another store.Coffee Bean
773 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 896-5029
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