Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jubili VS Pinkberry...

Sorry to say, but I like Pinkberry the most still! Ms. Lin has been waiting to show me this yogurt place on Fillmore Street, Jubili, for a while. We finally stopped by after dinner, but parking was murder. Ms. Lin waited for me in the car as I picked up the yogurt. The interior was just like any yogurt place you go to these days. It was very bright and clean with silver/white tables & white chairs. The store was a little stuffy that night, but the service was friendly. They have 3 flavor options. I asked which flavor was best and they said the Original was better than both the Peach & Strawberry flavors. To be sure, I asked to try the Original first and it was decent enough to order one.Ms. Lin asked me to get her the Medium Original with Mango and Mochi topping. I decided that I will just have a Medium Original with Mochi only. Lets start out with the positive about this place, the mochi was delicious. They were better than the ones in Pinkberry because they were chewier and had a sweeter flavor. This could also be due to the fact that this yogurt was more tart than the LA Pinkberrys. Now onto the bad part, I think the yogurt was only tolerable. I guess this would be the closest you'd get to a Pinkberry here. It tasted very similar, but it was just lacking the texture and essence of Pinkberry. =*( Also, it melted SUPER fast or it wasn't that cold to begin with. All in all I'd say this place was not bad, but I'd still choose Pinkberry over this! O=P Just my opinion.


1515 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 292-9955


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