Monday, April 21, 2008

Actually... I kind of liked the movie! ^_^ It was a WAY too raunchy for my taste, nonetheless funny. I actually didn't know that it was a raunchy comedy, Ms. Lin apparently left that description out. Warning to all, there were some frontal male nudity. If I ignore the raunchiness then it was a pretty good movie. The nudity did add humor, but I guess I am just a prude. Still I think the movie was funny and had a couple great scenes. I still hum the tunes to the Vampire Opera. You will just have to watch the movie to find out! I must say that Jason Segel is very talented! He wrote a lot of the songs and the movie. Overall it's a good funny movie. Although, MBA do not watch it! I don't think you can take it! Watch the abridged version when it comes out on TV in like 5 years. All you other people, if you want a funny comedy with some adult themes you will definitely get a kick out of this movie. Go out and support those lovelorn folks!
Ms. Lin and I saw this movie at the San Francisco Shopping Center on Friday, opening night. We were kind of in a rush so we dined in the food court. Ms. Lin really likes the food court there. She grabbed a two dish combo from Sorabol, the Korean BBQ and noodles. She chose the BBQ Lamb and Kal-bi. I was, sorry to say, kind of disgusted. The lamb was horrible and had that bad gamey taste. I couldn't eat it because I have only recently started liking lamb and only loin or chops. They gave a decent amount of lamb, but no thanks! The worst part was that they skimmed on the Kal-bi. They only gave one measly piece, Ms. Lin was furious because she has eaten there many times before and the portions were never that small! Their Jap-chae was cold and stuck together. I really love Jap-chae, but they ruined it. Ms. Lin says that their Kimchi is always good. Unfortunately I don't like Kimchi either, so there really wasn't anything for me to eat and we were short on time. I basically went hungry that night because the food was pretty bad and I rather wait until after the movie and make more dumplings! =P


Anonymous said...

Wow, male nudity and raunchy humor?! I'm in! Just kidding...well, I actually do enjoy a good low-brow laugh once in a while (e.g., American Pie, Superbad). Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Haha I think you will like the movie. The more I think about it, the funnier it was. Everyone's been talking about the nudity, Jason Segel was on Jay tonight and they laughed about. I would most likely watch it again in the future ^_^.

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