Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick & Easy

Monday was hot! The weather was nice but the temperature has been rising. I am going to miss the cooler days! As you can see from the picture that the sky was beautiful and clear. If it was only cooler, it would be perfect! I came around 2pm to Albertaco's and it was packed! This place is like home to me. When I used to attend Capistrano Valley High School, I'd come around 6AM for breakfast or to study or I'd come after classes. The food has always been good and inexpensive! To be honest this is NOT the cleanest place, the kitchen was within view and that looked decent but dining was another story. They don't really have anyone come out and clean the tables, so the dining area can be quite unkempt please keep that in mind.
Food is always great and the best deal in town. This place is why I criticize all those supposed "Mexican" restaurants. It's more authentic than those places. I love my Carne Asada Burrito! Their prices have increased, as did everything else in the world. One huge burrito for only $3.77 with taxes! Can't be that price! It's packed full of meat, guacamole, and salsa. Mostly meat actually, even better! It's packed full of flavor and you always grab the fresh salsa to load onto the burrito, which I count as my daily dose of vegetables! The burrito was truly huge too, I would say at least 1ft, and filling. If you are really hungry, then I recommend the ever so yummy Carne Asada Nachos! I pack it FULLY of salsa and it can feed almost 3 people for around $5!


Ms. Lin said...

One of the best cheap eats around! I miss Albertaco's!

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