Friday, March 14, 2008

I am putting good use to my coupon book! Tofu and I went to Waters Lake House in Irvine. I have been wanting to try this place since High School. It was suppose to be a very romantic place for Prom, Winter Formal, or Homecoming. You know that if it's a place with a wonderful view or dining atmosphere that food usually takes a blow in quality. For my Prom we went to Orange Hill, which is a gorgeous restaurant view but the food was horrendous and expensive! I warned Tofu to not expect much from this place since it's popular for dances and I have heard the food wasn't the best. We decided to try it since I had a buy one get one free coupon, so why not.
The location was quiet and quaint. It's right on the lake so you get a meal with a full view and lots of cute ducks swimming by. Of course we decided to sit outside to get the best view. They served us French bread with butter. Tofu liked the crispy crust of the bread, I was more interested in feeding the ducks. He wanted to eat the bread so I resisted the temptation until the end of the meal where he was done with the bread. Then I started to throw bits of bread into the lake. If you feed them, they will come! There was a swarm of ducks! It was very entertaining.
Tofu decided to try the Hawaiian Ahi. A seared sesame ginger soy ahi tuna with sticky rice and kung pao vegetables. He was nostalgic for the appetizer we ordered at Ruth's Chris for Dine LA Week. Of course I reminded him that this place would not measure up, but if that is what he desired then go for it. The amount of Ahi tuna given was generous, although the texture was way off. It was four huge slices. Imagine a square cut into four triangles. I think if they had used a block of seared tuna and sliced thinly, the texture would have been at least comparable to Ruth's Chris. I didn't try the vegetables, but they plating was nice. It was just a mediocre dish.
I decided to go the safe route and ordered the Coulotte Steak. You really can't mess up steak too much, only if the quality of the meat was horrible to begin with. My dish was a prime cut top sirloin with roasted garlic and Gorgonzola butter. The steak was tender, although the outside seemed a little dry. There was a few peppercorns that gave the steak a kick. The vegetables were crisp but bland so I added butter, salt & pepper to give it flavor. I was satisfied with my dish.
All in all it was better than I thought, but then again I had very low expectations. The service was decent, I thought the waiter was a little weird in his approach to be friendly. I can definitely see why HS students would come here for a "romantic" dinner because the view was nice both at day time and night time. I did a contrast photo, although I didn't want to use flash so it's kind of hard to see. It's very pretty at night too. The best part was when I started feeding the ducks, which was a LOT of fun! For the fact that I had a buy one get one free coupon, it was worth it. I would only come back again if I had the same coupon because for the same price you can get much better food elsewhere.


Tink said...

No true foodie would consider this "restaurant" a destination spot, coupon or not. Do you get paid to do this?

Kat said...

I don't think this restaurant is a "destination spot". The view was nice and the food was blah. I only went because I had the coupon or I wouldn't have even considered going. Like I said, when I was in High School people use to want to come here and it was way over-hyped... then I heard how crappy it was. So when my friend picked this out of the coupon book I reluctantly agreed. I am willing to give any place a try and somewhere down the line I am willing to keep an open mind to give them a second try.

No, I don't get paid to do this.

Tink said...

Nice answer but I'd take it off your site or stick it under a "don't bother" category to up your credibility. Why'd you delete my comment on Marche Moderne? It was much nicer, still critical, but less rude. I think you get paid for this.

Kat said...

I don't need to up my credibility. I have plenty and I didn't write them that nice of a view to tell people to go there. I had a nice time with my friend and I had fun feeding the ducks. You really need to read the reviews carefully. You just make comments that are not completely supported. If you have a problem with it, the write your own site. I keep comments up that are their own opinions. It's fine that you don't like the place and you want people to know. If you write something that is offensive or that shows that you obviously weren't reading it closely then I take it off. There are a lot of pathetic restaurant owners that come on and write rude stupid comments then I remove it. I welcome people's opinions because they can be different about the place and it is a free country after all. Everyone has their own experience and they are free to express it if they do it tastefully.

You can believe whatever you want, but I don't get paid to do this. I do this only for fun and a way for my friends to see where I go. Not everything is up here. Believe me, I have way more credit and I don't need to prove it.

Kat said...

Someone here is just LOSER who needs to get a LIFE! You argue without reading the post meaning you are an IDIOT! Move on and don't read if you don't like it. Because incompetent people like you I will now have to moderate comments and limit those who have actual critiques from posting immediately. If you READ the whole review it is NOT a nice one. It was more blah on the food but just fun with a friend. Playing with the ducks was a lot of fun and the lake was peaceful. If I didn't have a coupon, I would NEVER have went and even with the coupon my friend had to drag me there. You are obviously a stupid restaurant owner or a poor PR person. If I get paid to review places, I would NEVER come here nor would I think about putting their advertisement on my site.

Trust me, I have WAY more experience and have tasted more worldly foods then some pathetic person who has NOTHING better to do than come on to someone's site to just make a fuss.

I do this for fun and people like you make it un-enjoyable. If you have so much to say then write your own site or do something better with your life. End of story!

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