Monday, March 3, 2008

I love going to Crêpe in the Grip on Valley View. Sadly it's so far away in San Gabriel. I was here when they first opened up many eons ago. They have expanded their menu a lot since then. At first it was mostly crêpes and they were good, but now I get their parfaits! They also have salty foods that were good. I really liked the Taiwanese style subs that they served. So be sure to try the different things they have to offer.
My favorite by far is and will always be the Mango Parfait! You can get choose two ice cream scoops inside. I always get the Lychee and Mango, so YUMMY! The mangoes they use are usually already marinated in a sugary syrup so they are never too sour. What really makes the parfait is the crunchy flakes that truly add texture to the bite. The yummy ice cream, condensed milk, mangoes, & crunchy flakes mixed in really make it a heavenly bite. So delicious! A lot of my friends love it too! Best of all, in San Gabriel nothing is too expensive.


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