Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sorry to say, I am so over the Vietnamese sandwiches at Lee's. At first they were good because the bread was crisp and flavorful. For the price, I'd rather go to Bolsa and get sandwiches from my favorite place. They have the buy 2 get 1 free deal daily and it's just as good, but slightly different. Now Lee's are popping up everywhere, the one on El Toro is only okay. I like the one in Irvine by UCI a little bit more.
I got the Chicken Sandwich, which was freshly sautéed chicken. It's fresh and hot, one of the pluses compared to the sandwich places in Bolsa. The flavors often vary from day to day, but overall it's tasty. Be sure to eat this sandwich fresh, because it's best when hot. If you plan to take the sandwiches home to eat later or the next day, be sure to ask them to separate the vegetables so the bread won't get soggy.
My favorite thing to get was the Pork & Shrimp Egg Rolls. They are cheap and good. Five for $2.50, which was not bad. Flavorful and crispy. It's nothing special that would wow you to death, but just a great snack to pick up. Try their manju too, but only if it's fresh & hot!

All in all they are decent, but now that I have went to Le Diplomate Cafe by UCI I will NOT go back to Lee's Sandwiches. The Irvine Lee's is only a hop, skip, & jump away from Le Diplomate. So do yourself a favor by trying something new and BETTER! Trust me! Le Diplomate Cafe is MUCH BETTER! Go garlic sauce!


Anonymous said...

we like the good prices for lee and the location in irvine at uci. our student budget can afford the good prices. the student council meets there with tam, tran, victor, yvonne, lee , steven , barry mike and the club from sears hall. gloria, paul steven and the protection of the bible study asset library. francis gladys and instructor asst bazan baxan.

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