Friday, March 21, 2008

As you can see on the past posts that I went to Garden Grove. You must have guessed that I went to Korean BBQ! What else would you eat in Garden Grove, lol. I let my Mom choose this time and she chose to go to New Seoul BBQ Buffet. This used to be the place that we always went to before we started to explore around. At first I thought their lunches were on the pricier side, but to my surprise their all you can eat lunch was only $10.99 per person. Definitely not a bad deal.
My Mom chose this place because they have more choices and you serve yourself. Personally I like Cham Sut Gol because of the simplicity in just delicious meat and they bring it to you, although I'd rather get the dishes myself at times. At New Seoul, they have a lot of different choices in meat. They have all the marinated meats but no Kalbi at lunch, non-marinated meats, tons of spicy meats & fishes, and more.
I usually like the small dishes that they bring to your table, but here they don't do that. There's a full bar of side dishes and more, mostly vegetables. They use to have a lot more choices and my favorite was the raw spicy crab. Sadly, I haven't seen it there in a while. It was soooo good too!
There's some cooked food around as well. I like to get some Chap Chae with my meal and some fried chicken wings. The best thing near the hot dishes is the rice or barley dessert soup. For me it's like a drink. I love the simplistic flavor, sweetness, and cool sensation that you get as you drink it.
The ventilation system there wasn't the greatest, so there was a lot of smoke. I liked their marinated meats more than the non-marinated meats. My most recent craze was about the non-marinated meats, but I think Cham Sut Gol does that best. The rice paper at New Seoul was cut way too tiny to wrap the meat and that bothered me somewhat. Don't get me wrong it was still good. I also really like this place for the frozen yogurt. It's really good! Tastes sort of like the ones at McDonald's but less creamy, sweeter, and more flavor.
At first I was hesitant in coming here because I thought it would be more expensive. After I saw the bill was $10.99 per person, everything suddenly tasted much better in my mind. Pricing does make a difference in judging the quality of the restaurant. All in all the food was good and service was mediocre, but I will probably be back for lunch after I go to Cham Sut Gol again! Although now that I know New Seoul is $3 cheaper than CSG... I will have to re-evaluate everything! I know it sounds silly, but I know there are people out there who feel me! ^_-


Anonymous said...

KOREAN BBQ~!!!!!?!?!?! i need to start eating healthy again.. more meat in my diet~

~angel j

Anonymous said...

What do you mean more meat, it should be a diet of PURE MEAT ^_-! ~my motto as a Carnivore!

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