Friday, March 21, 2008

Since I was in Garden Grove I couldn't resist getting more Melon Bars! I decided to try a different brand this time. These were the Haitai Melon Bars. They were a lot cheaper than the other brand. For a box of 8 they were only $4 and I think the other brand was about $6 for the same amount. I still don't know if this was the same brand that Burumun wanted me to try, guess I will have to wait until we go to Nijiya together in LA ^_^
At first I had one right after my lunch and I thought it was no where near as good as the other brand. I thought it was too creamy, bland and not as flavorful. Then I had another one tonight, 2 days later, I think they are much better. These are sweet and tasty, still a little creamy, but good. Now I am not sure which one I like better. I guess the next time I go, I have to buy both brands and tasted them side by side to pass judgment!


Anonymous said...

haitai ones are betta~ better brand~!!!!! =D


-Angel J =D

Kat said...

I believe you! It's kind of funny that it's cheaper, which makes it ever BETTER! Come over if you want some, I still have a lot in the freezer ^_-.

Anonymous said...

haitai ones are better.
my dad owns one of the haitais .=]

iim anonymous .. cause i dont have a user ..

Anonymous said...

im not saying haitai ones are good because my dad owns one of the haitais.. its becasue its true =]

Kat said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can post with an Open ID or even your name with a URL. My blogger comments are open to all because I love hearing from everyone! ^_^

That is really kewl that your dad owns one of the haitais! Do you guys make a Mango flavored one? I just bought the Melona brand ones because I was so happy to see Mango flavor. If haitai makes one please let me know! ^_^ Thanks for reading!

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