Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't Be Greedy!

Got to love Claim Jumper for their huge portions for a reasonable price! Of course the best part was to spend a nice meal with your friends ^_-! After a nice long day of shopping, what better way to unwind than with a wholesome meal. I haven't been to Claimy's **my special nickname for the place** for a long long time. Usually Ms. Lin DRAGS me there when she comes back home to get her Blackened Prime Rib, bleh.
I got one of our ultimate favorites, the Corn Muffin with Honey Butter! It's a huge steaming hot muffin that you can cut into smaller pieces and glaze on a huge goop of wonderful honey butter. The muffin just melts in your mouth and a party begins in your mouth. I know it's hard to pass up their awesome traditional Garlic Cheese Toast, usually when I eat with Ms. Lin we get both and share!
Coconut's meal came with the Garlic Cheese Toast. It's a sourdough bread that's layered with globs of garlic & butter with crisp cheese atop. Just the smell or thought alone makes me drool! I couldn't even stop myself from sneaking a yummy bite from Coconut's bread O=P. Two of them also ordered the Clam Chowder soup. It was thick and flavorful, personally I like the Chicken Tortilla Soup there.
I ALWAYS have to get the ever so blissful Chicken Tenderloins, but don't be greedy like me and order anything else! Unless you share this appetizer with some people, you will be soooo full. I spent the entire meal eating this because it's the best part of the meal! Gigantic tender chicken light battered and fried to perfection. The portions were extremely generous and it's just pure meat, my favorite! I always ask for the Spicy Buffalo sauce on the side, along with Blue Cheese and Ranch to balance the spice. I know Ms. Lin is jealous that I got to eat this YUMMY appetizer without her!

Little Bel got the Strawberry Lemonade. She said it was decent. I bet it's nowhere as good as the strawberry banana smoothies she makes for me! ^_- She decided to get the Clubhouse Sandwich with turkey, sweet ham, bacon, Gouda, Muenster, garlic mayo, tomato, and greens. It was a HUGE portion. The entire plate was covered with the sandwich and fries, definitely a meal for days. I only wished that there wasn't so much bread, it's a triple decker sandwich. You really get what you pay for in quantity!

Her beau ordered the Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza with mild Italian sausage and pepperoni with fresh mozzarella and marinara sauce. They have a mini size of this dish in their Happy Hour menu. I have been there many times for Happy Hour, but it's not that great of a deal. Their pizza was flavorful and packed full of toppings. The crust was just right, not too think & not too thin and not too dry.
Coconut ordered the Rotisserie Chicken made with their original recipe, half a chicken slowly barbecued and basted in its own natural juices & herbs. For her side she chose the Cheese Potatocakes. It's made with Parmesan, cheddar, monterey jack, cilantro, onion, dill, & mashed potato that's lightly breaded then fried and topped with herbed ranch. Always a favorite of Ms. Lin. I think I have had it way too much to say I would order it, but it's still delicious. A crispy texture outside and a soft flavorful center. The chicken looked a little dry but flavorful. Coconut said it was tender, moist, and delicious.
I shouldn't have been so greedy! For my main course I decided to get Baby Back Ribs on the Junior Jumpers menu, no not a kids meal. The appetizer and main course almost came out at the same time so I had to choose which dish was more important to me. Did you even need to ask? Of course it's the appetizer! So I barely touched the dish and just let it sit. I felt so guilty that I should have ordered more than just an appetizer. I asked to substitute my fries for the corn muffin, but they still gave me the fries. Eventually I took a small bite of the ribs, it was only okay. This could be due to the fact I was getting full from the chicken tenderloins or because I ate it as it was getting cold. Their ribs do vary in taste and texture a lot. Sometimes you get a great cut that's moist and packed full of flavor and sometimes you can get a piece that's over cooked and dry. It's really hard to say, but their flavor is usually good.
Bel & beau got the World's Smallest Sundae with vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, sliced almonds, & a cherry. There's no such thing as small in Claimy's, their portions are always enormous! Just look at the Chocolate Motherlode Cake! Coconut decided to get the Red Velvet Cupcake. I never knew they had that there. It was decent, the outside was chewy and the inside was moist.
All in all the food here is pretty consistent. I grew up eating this place so you know I keep coming back. Despite running into a lot of server issues before, I still come back for more. The server this time was nice. She basically gave me the corn muffin and I think either she messed up my order of the Junior Jumpers by putting in the kids meal instead or she just charged me wrong. Either way my meal was cheaper than what I thought it would be so I can't complain! Of course I will come back, hopefully with Ms. Lin!


Ms. Lin said...

I'm jealous - I miss Claimy's! How dare you go without me!

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