Monday, March 17, 2008

I love going to Sam Woo B.B.Q for a quick fix. On Saturday I was up in Irvine for an info session so I wanted to get home but also get some decent food for lunner. My favorite thing to get is the Three Delicacy with Rice. I always choose Roast Duck, Roast Pork, and Soy Sauce Chicken. The pork was extremely flavorful and tender! Recently they have been making really great roast pork. Makes me want to go back and pick up a few pounds to keep in the fridge for snacks. The cut of the duck was not very good, but still flavorful. Some times I change the third option depending on the mood.
The best thing is their awesome deal for take-out at the bbq side. You can choose a 3 item combo for only $5 plus tax. It also comes with soup! This time they gave the Egg Drop soup with Corn, which was actually pretty light and tasty. They some times have Egg Drop soup with Seaweed, which is tasty and healthy for you. I mean how cheap can you get! For the carbs I chose noodles. My favorite thing is the Salt & Pepper Shrimp. If you order it on the restaurant side then you pay a lot more. It's a give and take because when it's made fresh it tastes wonderful! One thing I hate is peeling shrimp, but my love for the dish somehow overcomes my laziness. O=P Being cute and sweet goes a long way! When I was ordering I used Mandarin and a cute tone. If you choose shrimp for all three items they usually really skimp. So the strategy was to order shrimp first, which they give a very generous amount. Then I ordered the Salt & Peppered Pork, their's is not one of my favorites. Some times it's way too greasy or fatty, but this time it was good. Then for the third item I say shrimp again in hopes they don't skimp too much. Depending on your luck, this time I showed the right amount of cuteness, the lady kindly gave me tons of shrimp! The grand total was 18 shrimps! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! For $5 that was awesome! It made my day!


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