Saturday, March 1, 2008

Since I was in Monterey Park, my Mom wanted to go back to Mu Dung San for Korean BBQ. It's a great deal for the quality of meat and choices. I love this place because of the Kal-bi and Marinate Duck. It took me almost an HOUR to travel the short distance from Monterey Park to Korea Town. My goodness! The horrific traffic of L.A. was almost unbearable. We ran into some trouble at the BBQ because my friend was not that hungry and did not want to get the all you can eat. The server said that the whole table had to eat all you can eat or no one can. Luckily my friend fought for it and we all got what we wanted.
This time around there weren't any side dishes I liked. The bean paste was a little bit different, but still good. They gave us a lot of red chili sauce, but I don't use that with my meat.
The Kal-bi was good as usual, but they really skimped on the amount they gave. I had to keep ordering and ordering, but I enjoyed the texture and plentifulness of meat! The duck was very good and grilled to perfection. I thought the marinade for the duck was stronger this time around. I thought the brisket this time was not not very good. They might have gotten freezer burn or was not very fresh. Normally I love the un-marinated meat the most, but luckily I could default by eating the yummy Kal-bi. The pork belly was good, but some pieces were a little too fatty.
My friend ordered the Cold Buckwheat Noodle. For some odd reason it took forever for them to bring that dish to her. She had to ask almost 10 times and they kept saying that it will be out soon. The noodles were a very interesting color, they were opaque and black spotted. It was good and chewy, but I would always get the all you can eat since you only pay $7 more! Also never make the mistake by ordering extra food when you eat all you can eat, because it's almost impossible to stuff all that food in and you have to maximize your money!

All in all I still like this place a lot. It wasn't as busy as it usually was, which I liked a lot more. They were a little slow, but extremely friendly. I was really surprised they still let us get the all you can eat and every so often they would come by to ask how everything was. This was actually one of the better service I have received so far because it was the least busy I've seen them. Overall I love this place and I love Korean BBQ. What can I say, for $17 I get a great cut of Kal-bi and duck so I am happy!

Mu Dung San

1040 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 737-9292
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