Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cheap and good! Once in a while I like to come to this place for small Chinese dishes. They have a full counter loaded with different dishes and you can choose different combos. Word to the wise, lunch is cheap but if you go their for dinner take it togo then it goes back to lunch prices. Typically you get rice porridge with sweet potato or yam along with your dishes. I personally hate bland rice porridge, it's because of the runny texture so I always choose regular steamed rice.
I did a quick togo because I was picking up the cake at JS Bakery near by. The three dishes I chose were Smoked Chicken, Pork with Chili Oil & Garlic, and Sautéed Squid. My favorite is always the pork, this time the meat was so flavorful and tender. The garlic was magnificent! So tasty! I love the texture of the squid as well, but I refuse to eat the head. Everything was flavorful as always.

All in all this place is good and cheap. You can get a variety of dishes, they are usually the same. They have a lot of choices so you can always switch it up. When I go again, I will take pictures of the dishes. I usually stop in for a quick order of Milk Tea or Thai Ice Tea, they are buy one get one free. Great deals!


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