Monday, February 25, 2008

My friend and I decided to order take out from this place next to her house on Saturday night. The menu looked decently priced, so I decided why not. Normally these kind of places turn me off because they serve Korean, Chinese, & Japanese food. You know that any place that can't decide which cuisine to serve probably doesn't do any of them well.
We were already a little full, but we couldn't resist Japanese food. I decided to try their Dinner Combination, which you choose two items from a long list of choices. I got the Aromatic Shrimp and the Pork Katsu. It was a decent amount of food, but the katsu was a little dry and under-flavored. The shrimps were big and they must have been freshly made, but I didn't know it would be spicy! It was good but a little too spicy for my taste, and it kind of resembled sweet & sour shrimp but spicy.
For some odd reason I got a free Vegetable roll, which was very nice but... I am a pure carnivore! Luckily my best bud was around to eat my veggies! The roll looked really nice and yummy, if I liked vegetables. She ordered the Crunchy Dragon Roll, shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna and eel sauce. It was not bad and spicy. They were very filling and a generous amount.
We also couldn't resist nigiri. My best friend got Salmon and Albacore drizzled with Ponzu. I had to get my Hamachi nigiri. It was actually pretty fresh and tasy! They did a very nice presentation on the salmon and albacore. Everything was very reasonably priced, so I would definitely try them again or order take out if I hang out at my best friend's house.

All in all the food was decent and very reasonably priced. The sushi was better than I thought it would be. As for the cooked food, I am still a little skeptical. The shrimps were huge, but I don't know about the flavor. I would probably still give their cooked menu another try. If I lived closer, I'd probably drop by for some nigiri since it was cheap and good!


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