Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sango Sushi on La Paz

A big disappointment! I wanted to go somewhere nice with my pals who are newly engaged, but little did we know that this was one of those cheap take out places. People online had raved about this place, but they failed to mention that it was a low key place and not a sushi bar. The prices were very reasonable but you get what you paid for. If I were just picking up something this place would be okay but it was not meant to be a decent dining experience.
My friend ordered her favorite thing, Crunchy Roll. She also got a side order of Tempura. There wasn't enough tempura flakes to call it a crunchy roll. It only had one piece of shrimp tempura inside. The flavor was okay, overall mediocre. The tempura looked good but it didn't maintain its crunchiness. As soon as she put on the tempura sauce, it lost all form and became soggy.
I ordered the Chicken and Beef Teriyaki plate and my friend ordered the Beef Teriyaki bowl. It was decent. A generous amount of meat for the price. The chicken was a little dry. Every piece was very thin and chopped up.
I decided to try the Tonkatsu with Curry, pork cutlet. The curry sauce was good on the rice. There was a lot of rice and sauce but very little meat. The meat was decent but a little thin so it wasn't that moist.

All in all this place was good for the price you pay but nothing special. I agree with my friends that Miyako by their apartment is better. If you are expecting real sushi or authentic Japanese food, this is NOT the place for you. There wasn't a single Japanese person there, everyone there was Hispanic. They were very nice though. I will most likely not be back here because it wasn't anything special, only the price was good. If I pay just a little more, I can get much better tasting food.


Anonymous said...

Yea, let's not go back to this place again...I too was disappointed. But hey, we passed by this place one time and there were lots of peeps. I think they go because of the price and not the quality of food.

Anonymous said...

Aww I am sorry Bel =*( Internet reviews failed me! It's definitely not worth it. If you ever get out early enough I will take you to a better Happy Hour Sushi ^_^ Check out the Happy Hour labels on my site for best deals! ^_~

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