Friday, February 29, 2008

Okay, for those of you who know me personally... I have a serious problem, I am addicted to Pinkberry! It's an incredibly expensive and hard habit to break. Even though there are none around me, I drive far and wide to hunt one down so I can get my fix! What to do! Now they are going to open one in Irvine Spectrum, man am I counting down the days! Say good-bye to all my money. $6.50 each time really adds up fast! O=P
I was up in LA today, near Korea Town, so I had to stop by for a big cup of yogurt. At first I'd only get the regular size, but now as I am hooked on the goods I need a greater dosage to satisfy me! Now I only get the Large Original with Mochi. Some times I just get the yogurt, depending on my mood. If you have never had the mochi be sure to get it, it's delicious and chewy. What I love about their yogurt is that it's always tart, sweet, and never leaves you feeling weighed down.
My pal got a Small Green Tea yogurt with Blueberries. I have had their green tea and it's good, but I just love the original. The green tea flavor is subtle and not as tart nor sweet as the original. Word to the wise, AVOID the new coffee flavor! I had a free sample and I almost threw up! My friends and I tried it and immediately threw it into the trash. Doesn't taste anything like coffee, just sour and rancid.

I would have took pics of the store front, but the K-Town store has a security guard inside whom makes sure no one takes pictures. I have been to Pinkberry in New York and all over LA, they are all about the same decor. Simple, clean, plastic chairs, and white tables. This store always has a line and a lot of tables for people to sit and chat. This yogurt craze is really getting out of hand as there are Yogurtland, Red Mango, Kiwiberri, Snowberry, and MORE! I have been to a bunch already, but I still love the simplicity and flavor of Pinkberry!


Rose Marie said...

hi! where does pinkberry get those fabulous white tables? send me the source please....

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