Thursday, February 28, 2008

I wish TP a safe & fun trip to India and back! Take the Aquamarine this time, and give it to ME! ^_^ Don't forget my mangoes! We decided to try this place that Mama Panda's friends recommended in Irvine, Tri-Village. It's located right next to Kohl's on Jeffrey. The place looked really nice and clean from the outside, a more modern woodsy feel. Mama P and I arrived early and TP arrived super late so we had tons of time to look over the menu.
We started off the night by ordering two Northern Chinese dishes while we were waiting for TP, since she wouldn't be eating them anyway. I have been on a wonton craze so I wanted to try the Wontons in Spicy Red Chili Oil. The wontons were decent but nothing memorable. At first you don't taste the spiciness because it looked like soy sauce and no chili oil. After you take a bite the flavors come out and the spice kicks in. The bottom was layered with Chinese Broccoli, which offsets the greasiness. I must say that the wontons I made recently are much more flavorful and memorable. We also decided to try the Pan Fried Pork Buns. It contains the best of both worlds because it was crispy on the bottom and soft on the inside. Theirs was not bad, but I don't think the meat inside was that flavorful.
TP needs to eat beef and pork! It was so hard to find chicken items for her to eat. We decided to order one of their specials, Chicken Spring Pancakes. The chicken was sautéed and mixed with fresh vegetables & hoisin sauce in Chinese pancakes. I must say this was nothing special and really lacked in flavor. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have ordered Mu-Shu because it would at least have more flavor. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, you can easily make this and better at home.
Since we couldn't find anything that we would all want to share, I suggested that we get Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Pan Fried Noodles. Big mistake! Funny thing was that Mama P said it was salty and TP said it lacked flavor. I have to side with TP to say it really lacked flavor because it was totally not memorable. One reason could be that there were a lot more vegetables and they don't absorb the flavors as much. We should have just gotten steamed rice, although I really hate paying 75 cents PER person for steamed rice.
We ordered Walnut Prawns, Honey Walnut Shrimp. Their shrimps were surprisingly large and a generous amount was given. Mama P didn't like the fact that they skimped on the walnuts. Usually when I have this dish it was sweet, but here it wasn't. The flavors were very light and subtle. Overall this dish was not bad and I would order it again, but most likely I won't be back for dinner. I don't like to pay $14 for an entrée at a Chinese restaurant.

All in all this place was decent. The service was friendly although I had to ask twice for the water and always ask for it to be refilled. They were funny because TP was very late, we were saying how we've been waiting for over 1/2 an hour and the waiter came to take our order and he laughed with us by saying that we'd been there for over 2 hours already. More guilt to TP! =P There were some entrées that were good, but nothing spectacular. I think if you come here you shouldn't order anything Americanized. Stick with their Northern Chinese foods. I would probably come back here for lunch to give them another chance. If anyone goes there and tries the Salt & Peppered Eggplant, let me know how it is! Mama P and I thought it sounded good, but TP doesn't eat pork so we didn't get it. TP I am taking you to a STEAKHOUSE or BRAZILLIAN BBQ next time! I will force you to eat beef and pork! O=)


Unknown said...

50 posts in one month--that's pretty impressive! I hope you can keep it up.

Kat said...

Thanks! ^_^ I hope you are enjoying the posts. I promise to do at least one post a day!

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