Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back again! It seems as if I live and breath Korean B.B.Q. We have been to the same two places in Garden Grove, so it was time to try something new. I looked up this place online, they need a better way to find All You Can Eat Korean B.B.Q's. This was your typical barbecue place. It turned out to be really cheap, but you get what you paid for.
They had a pretty wide selection of meats and flavors. There was a whole table of accompaniments and hot dishes. They had a lot of food in spicy marinade, the cutest thing was the baby octopuses. I really wanted to try them, but I don't like spicy foods. The beef brisket, bulgogi, and pork belly were good. They were cut VERY THIN in my opinion. When I was grilling the meats, they tend to fall apart because the slices were so thin. There was also pork chops in regular and spicy marinade. It was a good amount of choices for the price. I tried their Japchae, Chapchae, sautéed glass noodles. This dish would usually be one of my favorites, but they really missed the mark. It was very peppery and lacked flavor.
All in all this place was decent, but for $11 it was a great deal. I will probably add this place to my rotation in Garden Grove. My favorite place is still Cham Soot Gol, Cham Sut Gol. Don't worry I will be posting pictures up of that place later this week! I'd love to see some recommendations on here for new places to try!


Anonymous said...

Carnivore's paradise for only $11.

This past weekend, I arrived in the state of gluttony by dining at Palace BBQ.

I attached the link... the short ribs were very tender.

write more!

Kat said...

Yup I LOVE the prices down here! I have now been spoiled but AYCE KBBQ down here and I can't go back to ordering. My wallet just can't take the beating ^_^

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